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(little) pinkie

and (little) pinky
n. the littlest finger on either hand. Ouch! I smashed my pinky.
See also: little, pinkie

little pinky

See also: little, pinky


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Prior to this tournament was the FEDBG Ramadan Special wherein Pinky Acato emerged champion in 4-game sudden death totals of 756.
Pinky Punky is here," Cossey said, adding that the store featured "a big lip sofa.
Shop the latest collection from Indian Designer Pinky Saraf at Strand of Silk: http://strandofsilk.
Pinky also helps in spreading awareness on issues like child marriage, adult literacy and alcoholism.
We can carry on with what we have left regards training, but a bitch as good as Pinky deserves the care and dedication we can't give her at the moment.
Pinky shook his head repeatedly in exasperation at the unbelievable stupidity of his doubters.
Pinky Lilani said: "The awards have for more than a decade demonstrated the impact Asian women are having across British business, society, entrepreneurship and the arts.
But during one unfortunate event, Nandu's car accidentally hits Pinky (Deepika) who loses her eyesight in the process.
Pinky, directed by Elia Kazan, who replaced John Ford on the production, tells the story of Pinky Johnson (played by white actress Jeanne Crain), a Southern black woman passing for white while attending nursing school in the North.
For those unfamiliar with social networking site Bebo piff means good, pee is money and pinky is pounds 50.
One day near the end of his first season in the CFL, Berrington called Pinky up and they were talking, and Pinky mentioned that he might be laid off because the company he worked for was cutting back.
She has collaborated with Holocaust survivors and war veterans, but her choreography remains grounded in the refined details of the body: the subtle movement of the inner elbow, the pinky toe, or the upper cheek.
Now only does Saulisberry draw from his many years of experience and expertise as a successful and sought-after voice-over performer, he draws upon the advice of Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart Simpson), Don LaFontaine (known within the film industry as the 'king' of movie trailer voice-overs), Frank Welker (the voice of Scooby Doo), Robe Paulsen (the voice of Pinky in the Warner Brothers animated television series 'Pinky and The Brain'), and Harlan Hogan (author of "VO: Tales and Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor").
He's not a pretentious pinky drinking sensitive guy artist; instead, you're liable to see him last man standing.
SINGING star Pinky is hiding a secret - he's never lifted a paintbrush in his life even though he's from Ireland's leading art dynasty family.