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After just a few minutes of waiting, I notice that the LEDs are, in fact, already on--I feel a bit crestfallen that I didn't perceive them blink to life--and that their first effect is to wash out a bit of the color on the walls so that they acquire the pinkness of an old pencil eraser.
It was a little unnerving having a 90-pound intact male Ridgeback vibrating like a tuning fork around my little swathed bundles of pinkness.
Wary that one restaurant's medium can be another's rare, the menu had a helpful, and pretty accurate guide about how much pinkness you could expect in your steak.
Chicken must be cooked thoroughly, all the way through, with no pinkness, and an internal temperature of at least 170 degrees F.
The pinkness turned unacceptably purple in a grayscale version of a full-page color photo.
My chicken livers, by which I mean they ones I ate (I don't actually have chicken livers) were good, well cooked, the right pinkness and served with a salad of baby leaves and a lemony dressing with bacon.
As I mention in the book, if you're in a bathing suit and are exposed to sunlight and 24 hours later have a light pinkness to your skin, it's equivalent to ingesting about 20,000 IUs of vitamin D.
glass and pinkness, the ballerina whirling on top of the music box, she doesn't eat so she has no insides, only muscle and will and the four-fingered grace of position, little girls
Other creative uses of "V" have been "Vote" in the context of Ensler's campaigns on college campuses for candidates who would support women's issues, the "V-Spot" to give organizers information, "V-Men" narratives from supportive males, and of course the ever-present "Valentine's Day" associations from which the pinkness, the performance dates, and the call for women to appreciate violence-free love derive.
The pinkness of Alpine fluorite can resemble that of rose quartz, imparted by sub-microscopic inclusions of rutile (Weibel, 1977).
Transfer meat to a cutting board; tent with foil (any slight pinkness will fade as meat sits).
Sometimes the pink spots can be very close together, so the skin has broad areas of pinkness.
Just possibly, Alice is related to a generous and charitable fat woman that Mullin met on his travels: "An enormous woman blond as Brunhild rocked to the door, all chins, and pinkness, and smiling dimples.
The problem usually begins after some 3-4 days of treatment with some pinkness of the area being treated, which is followed by some fine scaling.
Imagine their carpaccio of tuna, gossamer pinkness on a white plate, scattered with purple flowers - with a faint fragrance of chive - and topped with a pale orange tomato sorbet.