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little pinkie

One's pinky finger, the smallest finger on one's hand. My grandmother always wore a huge ruby on her little pinkie. The poor thing slammed the car door on his little pinkie.
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pinkie (finger)

The fifth finger on one's hand, opposite the thumb. I caught my pinkie in the car door—I think it might be broken! She wears a ring on her pinkie finger that reminds her of her mother.
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(little) pinkie

and (little) pinky
n. the littlest finger on either hand. Ouch! I smashed my pinky.
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In the poisoned relationship between Pinkie and Rose, there is one of the best accounts ever of what it is like to be 16 and 17 years old in a terrible, violent, adolescence."
Those who want to get in touch with Pinkie can call her at 0919-4484820.
Another straightened out gangster, who goes by the alias "Tanaka," has three fingers missing because of his involvement with the gang, both pinkies and his left ring finger.
Ida (Helen Mirren) is a waitress in the novel but a manager of waitresses in the film, and dedicates herself to punishing Pinkie for the murder.
Rose's boss, Ida (Helen Mirren), sees Pinkie as the dangerous character he is and enlists the help of an old friend Phil Corkery (John Hurt) to try and intervene between the fated lovers.
It's hard to imagine Rose (a damp dishcloth) falling for someone as irredeemably detestable as Pinkie, while the dialogue sounds artificial and stilted.
Pinkie and Scobie sin when they fail to trust the paschal mystery and reject God's grace out of despair, but Greene's novels reveal that the experience of despair is very real and cannot be alleviated by eschatological hope.
to a minor bout of leprosy, unlike the pinkie which is the heart of
Pinkie was my beloved friend and colleague for twenty-three years.
Miss Pinkie won two of her three other races that year, giving 8lb and a half-length beating to the Queen's Dunfermline, who went on to win the Oaks and the St Leger the following season.
DELIGHTED: Natasha Ward from Warwick is thrilled with her rocking horse present, which she has named Pinkie
In a study presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, 30 young adults spent 15 minutes daily over 12 weeks imagining using one of two muscles: the abductor digiti minimi in their pinkie fingers, or the elbow flexor muscle.
Euonymus hamiltonianus Miss Pinkie is an erect tree, supplied well-grown at 1.5 metres (5ft) tall with a stem 1 metre or so (3ft-4ft) long - a size that's easily manageable in any situation.
Before Act II of La Bayadere, the dancers stand in a circle and interlock pinkie fingers.
They must align their hands pinkie to pinkie and field the ball with both hands.