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Finally in true Veuve Clicquot style they have come up with a couture range to go with their VEUVE CLICQUOT NV ROSE (PS50 for the gift pack with wine cooler or PS70 for the pack containing two flutes and the pinkest of packaging, from fine wine retailers nationwide).
The pinkest girliest bike you have ever seen, complete with sparkly tassels and a seat for her doll on the back.
Wear as much pink as possible and for extra encouragement, there are prizes for the pinkest woman, man, child and dog.
So dig out your pinkest tie, T-shirt or tutu, and donate pounds 2 to help Breast Cancer Campaign beat breast cancer.
Korres Mango Butter Lipstick in Fuchsia (pounds 15) By far the pinkest of the bunch, this gives deep colour in a brighter shade.
When Demi Moore decided to treat two of her three daughters, Scout and Tallulah, to a shopping spree in LA, the main attraction was Barkley Hope, the pinkest store in town that sells `items for a princess'.
Give in to your tinsel-craving girly side with nails painted the pinkest of pink.
The pinkest things in Bournemouth were all those demonstrating huntsmen's coats.
The pinkest shade of the two powders, Sunday Afternoon brings together a clean bright pink with a fuchsia and a soft pale pink with white pearl.
And daughter Megan, 10, who has been "locked up" since she was a baby, has turned her bedroom into the pinkest on the planet - while 17-year-old Emma is a bit of a Goth.
The only one to have no shimmer, this is the pinkest of the pinks.
Both cities have a loud and proud gay community but now the eternal question - who has the pinkest population - will finally be answered.
TALKING about returns, the pinkest prosecutor on the block is also back