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ping (one)

To send one a message, typically to ask them a question or to get their attention. Let me ping Martin and figure out what time he's coming to the party. Sorry, I didn't that you'd pinged me on Skype until a few hours later.
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ping-pong diplomacy

A term applied to the start of improved relations between the US and the People's Republic of China in the early 1970s, so named because of the US Table Tennis team's acceptance of an invitation to visit China. (Relations between the US and China had been strained since Communist leader Mao Zedong's rise to power in 1949.) Silly though it may sound now, ping-pong diplomacy really had a big role in precipitating President Nixon's landmark visit to China in 1972.
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ping someone

tv. to get someone’s attention, via computer or otherwise. I saw her on the other side of the room and pinged her.
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Ping An Nasdaq 5HANDL* is also the first multi-asset ETF that offers an easy way for asset-class diversification," said Mona Chung, Head of ETF and Cross Asset Investment at Ping An.
The smart pharmacy pilot shop will be equipped with a variety of basic monitoring smart hardware, which will collect the resources shared from Ping An Good Doctor's internet hospitals, in-house medical team and internet healthcare traffic portals.
David added: "We're open seven days a week and whether you're a ping pong pro, a complete beginner or just here for the cocktails, there's something for everyone.'' The food menu includes light bites such as chicken wings (PS7 for 6) as well as burgers served up in Chinese steamed charcoal marble bao buns (PS4) There's also a variety of flatbread sandwiches to choose from with fillings including duck and fig (PS10).
The tech-oriented Chinese firm is heavily invested in the Ping An name, having a banking arm named Ping An Bank and a healthcare platform called Ping An's Good Doctor.
They are accepted in cities and remote villages, and you can buy anything from plane tickets to fruit on the side of the road,' Ping said, adding that in 2016 the fast-rising type of transaction hit $24 trillion.
The area will host a number of ping pong tables where passers-by can pick up a bat and have a game.
But the Filipina ace toughened up and hit her approach shot to within 12 feet then drilled in the putt that completely stunned Ping, who flubbed her own birdie-putt from six feet, paving the way for Martirez's victory.
Closer home, in May, Axis Bank launched Ping Pay, a multi-social payment application that one can use to send or ask money via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS.
As well as free-play, each ping pong table features Random Acts of Ping Pong - a varied programme of master classes, competitions and activities.
Liverpool's Lord Mayor, Cllr Tony Concepcion, who was due to try his skills against a ping-pong robot which fires out endless balls, said: "Ping! is a hugely successful initiative and I'm sure it will be just as popular this year.
The ping on the adversary's racket signals the ball's expected arc, speed, the strength of topspin or backspin.
Summary: Ping An Bank has a modest domestic franchise, with a 1.3% share of system deposits in China.
Let our ping-pong selected judges set up ping pong balls with the name of each lawyer appearing for an oral argument--or trial conclusions--and rule in favor of the random selected ping pong ball whose lawyer's name is prominently displayed thereon.
Ping Identity, The Identity Security Company, and Identity Over IP (ID/IP) have joined forces as solution partners within Cisco's Identity Services Engine (ISE) ecosystem to secure the Internet of Things as well as the public, private and hybrid clouds of today's enterprise.