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ping (one)

To send one a message, typically to ask them a question or to get their attention. Let me ping Martin and figure out what time he's coming to the party. Sorry, I didn't that you'd pinged me on Skype until a few hours later.
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ping someone

tv. to get someone’s attention, via computer or otherwise. I saw her on the other side of the room and pinged her.
See also: ping, someone
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Ping Identity and KPMG also are making it easier for organizations to determine where and how to implement these identity security capabilities.
Ping pong tables will appear in surprising public locations across Newcastle, from parks and shopping centres to places including The Gate, Discovery Museum and the Cycle Hub.
Ping Middlesbrough is an initiative funded by Sport England through National Lottery funding as part of its aim to get more people playing sport for at least 30 minutes once a week and is delivered by Table Tennis England.
Table tennis players make use of the ping pong tables during a previous Ping
At the same time, Moody's has affirmed Ping An Bank's D bank financial strength rating with a stable outlook.
PING THE RESCUE OF EDEN describes how Ping the frog is concerned about imbalances in Eden Pond that drive him to help lead a world stricken by climate change back to harmony.
We have taken Ping into protective custody after protests erupted in the company when Pakistani labourers saw him throwing the belongings of a Pakistani worker including the Koran," Sardar Gulfraz, a senior police official, told AFP.
Last year's event in London saw over 50,000 people play ping pong and we are hoping that the people of Birmingham will enjoy it just as much.
The Chinese life insurance group Ping An (SHA:601318), which owns 99.
The transaction is still subject to approvals from China's banking, insurance and securities regulators as well as shareholders of Ping An group and Shenzhen Development Bank.
Asia Dell Cruz and Geoffrey Ping settled oil a different site and opened the area's third children's dental office, Wenatchee Pediatric Dentistry, on Dec.
Intended for young viewers ages 3-8, The Adventures of Walker & Ping Ping is an iParenting Media Award-winning DVD following a young boy, Walker, who has just moved to Hong Kong with his parents to Hong Kong.
Horseshoe Ping quickly countered the move, but caught the heels of his kennelmate off the second bend, which saw As Time Slips By lose all momentum and dragged back to last.
Russian Svetlana Pankratova, 36, stood with Ping Ping, 20, from China, in Trafalgar Square, Central London, for the launch of a book which features both of them - Guinness World Records 2009, due out today.
Now, Fortis is suggesting that Ping An would like to increase its stake to 7%.