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ride the pine

In sports (especially baseball), to remain sitting on the bench, rather than be an active participant in the game. Primarily heard in US. I'm not going to play next year if coach makes me ride the pine again this season. I rode the pine for the rest of the game after I pulled my hamstring sliding to first base.
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pine after someone or something

 and pine for someone or something; pine over someone or something
to long for or grieve for someone or something. Bob pined after Doris for weeks after she left. Dan is still pining for his lost dog. There is no point in pining over Claire.
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pine away (after someone or something)

to waste away in melancholy and longing for someone or something. A year later, he was still pining away after Claire. Still, he is pining away.
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ride the pine (or bench)

(of an athlete) not participate in a game or event, typically because of poor form. North American informal
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pine away

To wither or waste away from longing or grief: After its owner was killed, the old dog pined away and died.
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pine for

To long or grieve intensely for someone or something: All summer he sat in the garden pining for his girlfriend back home. Many teachers pine for the days when students were better behaved.
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The Beipu Pine Forest is known for spectacular reflections of pine trees in one of the forest's six ponds.
The Lone Pine Canyon burn will start as the weather allows, officials said.
But here in the isolated Zuni Pine Barrens, the sandy soil still nurtures the longleaf pine.
The objective of the Sustainable Forest Productivity Session was to speed the implementation of clonal loblolly pine plantations, thus making our forest and mill products more valuable.
Evans notes that some regions, including northern Alabama, have abandoned pine plantations because of the beetle problem, as has Alabama's Bankhead National Forest:
Then he used dipnets (handheld nets) and seines (hanging nets) to look for tadpoles in the breeding ponds of both pine forests.
The average life expectancy on Pine Ridge is about 56 years for men and 60 for women--nearly 20 years lower than the national average.
There's probably less emotion in my decisions compared to my dad's generation," says Brian Pine, as turf grass is harvested into sod strips and loaded onto pallets by two of the farm's several hired hands.
Southern yellow pine is a name used to describe 10 species of conifers, all of them basically indistinguishable when sawn.
The new report also "shows for the first time that a pine.
Once the decision was made to open the unit, Pine Tree worked closely with the Indiana State Board of Health and the U.
We believe we are making a valid and fair offer with this revised bid," said Douglass Bermingham, managing partner of Ten Pine Advisors.
Try a round on the South course at Torrey Pines Golf Club, which will be the site of the 2008 Open and has been in a toughening-up process for three years.
Started in 1949, Forest Lawn is a "pristine 2000-acre wilderness camp with rolling hills and tall pine trees and a lake," says Brian Curtis, director of support services for the Council.
There are several products on the market that contain pine oil - a weak allergen that can cause central nervous system disorders in very large doses.