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penny pincher

Someone who is extremely frugal, niggardly, or miserly with their money; someone who is very unwilling or reluctant to spend. My ex-husband was such a penny pincher that, on the rare occasion we would go out to eat, he wouldn't even leave a tip! It was when I was completely broke in college that I became something of a penny pincher.
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pinch pennies

To spend as little money as possible; to be especially frugal, especially with the aim of saving up for something bigger. Ever since we had our second child, we've had to pinch pennies to make sure they both get what they want for Christmas.
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pinch pennies

Be thrifty or miserly, as in There's no need to pinch pennies now that you're working full-time. This term was first recorded in 1942.
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pinch pennies

If someone pinches pennies, they try to spend as little money as possible. States and the federal government are pinching pennies everywhere they can and often cutting arts programs first. Markets are shrinking and customers are pinching pennies. Note: The verb penny pinch has a similar meaning but is more disapproving. Good, lasting floors are an essential in any house, so it does not pay to try and penny pinch. Note: Pennypinching is used as a noun and an adjective, and people who do this are called penny pinchers. He ordered a huge meal. This wasn't a moment for pennypinching. For penny pinchers, a nearby restaurant offers a version of the dish for $10.
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pinch ˈpennies

(informal) try to spend as little money as possible: We’ve been pinching pennies all year so that we can visit my relatives in Australia in December. ▶ ˈpenny-pinching adj.: penny-pinching governments ˈpenny-pinching noun ˈpenny-pincher noun
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n. someone who is very miserly; someone who objects to the expenditure of every penny. If you weren’t such a penny-pincher, you’d have some decent clothes.

pinch pennies

To be thrifty or miserly.
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Mr Pincher, who heads the tax department at Birmingham solicitors Martineau Johnson, said the Government had announced changes to capital gains tax which at first sight seem to provide valuable breaks for parent companies disposing of non-core businesses.
MP Chris Pincher (centre) with some of the MFA members.
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Mr Pincher stepped in on behalf of his constituent Bill Shackleford, of Hopwas, near Tamworth, who is owed pounds 32,728 after investing with Hexley.
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Boomerang Plastics, the pilot recycling line of Tamworth-based Summit Systems, recently welcomed local MP, Christopher Pincher, to its facility to demonstrate its bespoke machinery for the recycling of food-contaminated plastic.
Along with residents from Hints, Drayton Bassett and Weeford, Tamworth's MP Chris Pincher and Staffordshire County Councillor Alan White, who chairs the local HS2 Community Forum, they had 45 minutes - 15 minutes for each community - to put forward their case of what they describe as "innovative" proposals to minimise the HS2's impact.
2 km in length and required for production at the company s existing Waterton 68 well, located about 30 kilometres southwest of Pincher Creek.
As suggested above, Chapman Pincher and his active campaign to expose Roger Hollis as a Soviet agent are but one sad example.
Christopher Pincher (Con), right, has also asked Burton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to provide more detail on its reasons for the charges which are set to be implemented in April this year.