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While Harris, Dave Magadan, Dave Hansen and others specialized in early-inning pinch-hitting (getting on base via hits or walks), others have been used mainly to provide power.
Pinch-hitting remains an elite science, taking not only smarts and quick wrists but the patience to wait for a chance that may not come and the inner fire to seize the opportunity.
529 OBP) in a pinch-hitting role, and kicked in five doubles, a triple and three homers to register an .
Unlike most other aspects of the game, pinch-hitting lore is a seldom explored treasure trove of records and achievement.
Until 1891, when the rule on player substitutions was liberalized to resemble the one in effect today the concept of pinch-hitting was limited.
Almost two decades passed, however, before pinch-hitting became standard practice.
Since those pioneering days, there have been any number of notable pinch-hitting accomplishments, feats and records.
But when it comes to the greatest sustained pinch-hitting feats in Series history, one has to reach back much further in time, The most remarkable run was achieved by Dusty Rhodes of the New York Giants in 1954.
The otherwise eminently forgettable, Rhodes won a snippet of "immortality" with the pinch-hitting feats that enabled the Giants to upset the heavily-favored Cleveland Indians in the 1954 Series.
Unlike Rhodes, a limited talent like so many pinch-hitting specialists, Mize was an outstanding player of Hall of Fame caliber at first base, who during a 15-season career (1936-1942, 1946-1953) batted .
Mize represented the formerly outstanding all-around player who is able to extend his career by turning to pinch-hitting in his final years.
The accumulation of pinch-hitting records, feats and accomplishments is extensive, and here's a selection of some of the most memorable, significant, or unusual.
It came in the top of the eighth inning and gave Choi two hits and a walk in four pinch-hitting appearances since Friday, when catcher Dioner Navarro was recalled from Triple-A Las Vegas, Jason Phillips more or less became the everyday first baseman, and Choi was relegated to the bench.
The release clears a spot on the 40-man roster, which probably will go to Saenz because he has more pinch-hitting experience than the strikeout- prone Jose Hernandez, a former All-Star shortstop with Milwaukee.
Five days later in Anaheim, Escobar plunked the pinch-hitting Kennedy in the leg with a pitch.