pinch-hit for


1. In baseball or softball, to bat in place of another player. Let Ben pinch-hit—he's a better hitter than Paul, and you really need to knock in some runs here.
2. By extension, to substitute for or replace another person in any endeavor. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so I need you to pinch-hit for me on the conference call.

pinch-hit for someone

1. Fig. to bat for someone else in a baseball game. Wally Wilson will pinch-hit for Gary Franklin. Rodney Jones is pinch-hitting for Babe DiMaggio.
2. Fig. to substitute for someone in any situation. Bart will pinch-hit for Fred, who is at another meeting today. Who will pinch-hit for me while I am on vacation?
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teams to pinch-hit for pitchers with impunity, although said teams are less likely now.
Hall was at second base when Drew was summoned to pinch-hit for starter Mark Hendrickson, who pitched decently while giving up four runs on eight hits over six innings.
But, for those times when you're unavailable, you can employ some reliable substitutes to pinch-hit for you.
Veteran Ricky Ledee then came up to pinch-hit for Dodgers reliever Joe Beimel and promptly tied the score, dropping a bloop single just in front of a hard-charging Dave Roberts in left to bring home Martin.
That's only deepened the frustration for Finley, who's in a 5-for-30 rut, hasn't homered since June 10 and was pinch-hit for by Scioscia with the bases loaded in the eighth inning of a 4-1 loss Thursday to Baltimore.
Ordinarily, with left-handed reliever Johan Santana on the mound, Kennedy might have been pinch-hit for by platoon mate Benji Gil, but you don't pinch-hit for a guy who's this locked in at the plate.
Davis, a right-handed hitter, pinch-hit for Harold Baines.
The Braves were so desperate, Cox pinch-hit for Maddux's personal catcher Eddie Perez in the bottom of the first, and Javier Lopez caught the rest of the game, going 0 for 4.
Raul Mondesi, who had asked out of the starting lineup in order to refocus at the plate, pinch-hit for Wayne Kirby, his replacement in right field, with two outs in the seventh inning.
The 22-year-old, called up Monday from Triple-A Albuquerque, was on deck to pinch-hit for Mark Guthrie in the seventh inning.
Delino DeShields, embarrassed when Bill Russell sent up Billy Ashley to pinch-hit for him (and single) in the Dodgers' three-run sixth inning Tuesday, showed off his place-kicking form in the dugout and forced a closed-office meeting.
Twice lately Russell pinch-hit for DeShields, with another left-handed hitter.
On Wednesday night, the style was certainly daring, as Russell pinch-hit for his starting pitcher in the fourth inning of a one-run game with the Chicago Cubs.
For not being an outfielder, it was a little strange,'' said Castro, who pinch-hit for Billy Ashley in the eighth because the Dodgers needed a sacrifice bunt.