pinch-hit for


1. In baseball or softball, to bat in place of another player. Let Ben pinch-hit—he's a better hitter than Paul, and you really need to knock in some runs here. In a surprise move, the rookie is going to pinch-hit for the veteran batter.
2. By extension, to do something in place or on behalf of someone else. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so I need you to pinch-hit for me on the conference call. I'm afraid I can't make it to the meeting, so my second in command will be there pinch-hitting for me.

pinch-hit for someone

1. Fig. to bat for someone else in a baseball game. Wally Wilson will pinch-hit for Gary Franklin. Rodney Jones is pinch-hitting for Babe DiMaggio.
2. Fig. to substitute for someone in any situation. Bart will pinch-hit for Fred, who is at another meeting today. Who will pinch-hit for me while I am on vacation?
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Daniel Palka pinch-hit for Kevan Smith with nobody out in the sixth inning Friday when right-hander Dillon Maples relieved Jose Quintana, a lefty.
Edwards, on the other hand, will pinch-hit for Dozier, who was out of the Aces' first game because of plantar fasciitis on his foot.
teams to pinch-hit for pitchers with impunity, although said teams are less likely now.
In 1960, Hardy pinch-hit for an injured Ted Williams - he hit a foul ball off his foot - and is the only player to pinch hit for Williams, and replaced Williams in left after he homered in his final at-bat.
When a team is either trailing or threatening to score, many skippers pinch-hit for the pitcher, especially in the later innings, and these situations were noted.
In the course of tying the game in the ninth, Frank Demaree, a reserve outfielder, pinch-hit for the relief pitcher, Bob Smith.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuo Fukuda tops the list of five ministers to pinch-hit for Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori should the premier become incapacitated, Fukuda said Tuesday.
Other diet bars--like Nestle Sweet Success, Jenny Craig, Zone Perfect, Pounds Off, and Atkins Diet Advantage--are also designed to pinch-hit for a meal or snack when you don't have time for the real thing.
But, for those times when you're unavailable, you can employ some reliable substitutes to pinch-hit for you.
With only four outs remaining and his club trailing by a run, Padres manager Preston Gomez used Cito Gaston to pinch-hit for Kirby with two outs in the eighth.
Glen Gorbous on April 24, 1955, while playing for the Cincinnati Reds, pinch-hit for Johnny Temple in the seventh inning and was called out on strikes.
Mike Lowell, who pinch-hit for Ortiz in the seventh inning Tuesday, was the DH against left-hander Matt Harrison and hit his first home run of the year off him in the second inning.
In the bottom of the ninth inning, Alvis pinch-hit for pitcher Bobby Tiefenauer and cracked a two-run homer to tie the game 3-3.
Sean Casey pinch-hit for Mike Lowell in the eighth and got a nice ovation, although many of the 39,958 fans had left by then.