pinch off

pinch (one) off

vulgar slang To defecate, especially quickly. Give me a minute, I just need to go pinch one off and then I'll be ready to leave.
See also: off, pinch

pinch something off (of) something

 and pinch something off
to sever something from something by pinching. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Pinch the buds off the lower branches so the one at the top will bloom. Pinch off the lower buds.
See also: off, pinch
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* It's a good idea to deadhead (manually pinch off spent flowers) of rhododendrons and azaleas after they finish flowering.
Tenders are invited for Hydraulic pinch off tool with accessories
To avoid it, water from below, pinch off dead material when it appears and ensure there is good air circulation around the plant.
| STOP THEM PINCH off any remaining flowers and tiny fruits so plant energy is focused on the larger ones.
Pinch off runners from young plants (less than 3 years old) and apply a fresh layer of mulch around them.
Pinch off non-flowering shoots from the current year's growth.
(3) As the plants begin to grow, pinch off the flower buds, which otherwise would develop into fruit.
For bottom fishing, one good rigging technique is to pinch off the tail of the shrimp and rig it like a Texas-rigged bass worm: Thread the hookpoint through the tail, out the belly of the bait, and then turn the hook to bury the point in the "chest." This hides the hook from wary reef fish, and minimizes twisting in current.
I pinch off one or two segments (leaving three or four segments intact) and slide the first segment of the string onto a tiny bare jig hook, so the other segments ride free beyond the hook.
9 Pinch off faded rose flowers to encourage more flowers later.
The first is to pinch off the top half-inch of stem at this time of year for fall blooming plants.
Pinch off the ends of the cloves and add them to the pan, throw away the stalks.
When the first beans start to form, pinch off the top 10cm (4in) of stem to reap an earlier harvest.
This sacrifice, in which bacteria pinch off minuscule spheres called vesicles, may influence climate change by affecting how much carbon dioxide the oceans can absorb.
? Harvest cucumbers and continue to pinch off the tips of side-shoots two leaves beyond a female flower.