pin to

pin something (on)to something

to attach or fix something to someone or something by pinning. The mayor pinned the medal onto the lapel of the brave young hero. She pinned a medal to his lapel.
See also: pin
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The trigger moves to the rear and the levers connected to the trigger move the block from the firing pin and allow the firing pin to move forward unimpeded.
Each occasion for a rolling pin in the kitchen calls on a specialty style of pin to do the job correctly.
Moveable pin sights are the most accurate because you can set the pin to the exact distance and hold dead on, but these sights require a strategy.
One resident, a World War II veteran, wanted the serviceman who received his pin to know: "I understand how you're feeling.
In addition to electronically signing the FAFSA, students will use the DOE PIN to sign federal loan promissory notes and forms that help students consolidate loans after graduation.
In a prepared statement, the LAPD said: ``Due to the overwhelming desire of our employees to display their support, compassion and patriotism for the victims of our recent national tragedy and our military personnel, the Department has decided to issue a commemorative pin to all civilian and sworn personnel as soon as it can be produced and released by the manufacturer.
The distance from the exterior face of the pin to the pin shoulder is 32 mm (1.
To determine if the device is HVD or LVD, the best way is to power the device and measure the voltage from the DIFESENSE pin to a GND pin.
The settlement will provide refund PINs to those people who submit an eligible PIN to IDT.
One of the key features to consider when making a pin-purchasing decision is the pin's ease of use--a heavy rolling pin will decrease the amount of pressure the consumer must exert when rolling, thereby actually requiring less effort than using a lighter pin to accomplish the same task.
It's worth staff reminding customers who aren't sure about using the new technology that the PIN they use at the till is the same one as they would use for withdrawing cash, and that they can change their PIN to something more memorable at a cash machine or by contacting their card issuer.
We distributed the same type of pin to every officer in the patrol division so we all have the exact same pin in the same location,'' said Burbank Lt.
There's a pointer, scale and a locking nut that permit you to set the pin to the exact yardage of the shot.