pin against

pin (someone or something) against (someone or something)

To shove someone or something up against someone or something else and forcefully hold them or it in place. The car slammed into the man and pinned him against the tree. Pin the tarpaulin against the ground while I nail it down. The bully pinned me against his friend, demanding I give him my lunch money.
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pin someone or something against something

to press and hold someone or something against something. The police pinned the mugger against the wall and put handcuffs on him. The wildlife veterinarian pinned the rhino against the walls of the enclosure and subdued it so it could be treated.
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Winters, Hoskins, Barber and Cook won by pin against A-J, with Charlie Neill also collecting a 12-11 win by decision.
The 20CrMiTi pin against nonchroming T10 disc would be more softened and worn than the pin against the chroming friction pair [24].
Sophomore James Kilgo (132 pounds) had an outstanding day, with a first-period pin against Brockton, a vice-like pin in the second frame against Framingham, and a pin in the third period against St.
At 160 pounds, he picked up a pin against Brockton with a textbook cradle in the first period, but then lost his battle against Framingham, 9-6.
Anthony Weber (165 pounds) got a pin against Nebraska-Kearney (4-1), while 125-pounder Eric Stevenson, 184-pounder Kyle Bressler and 197-pounder Dan Pitsch earned pins against Wyoming (2-4).
Kallio (160 and 170 pounds) earned a major decision with a 15-4 score against Concord-Carlisle and then a pin against Hopkinton in the third period.
Stephen Dorman (119) recorded a pin against Springfield.
Also getting wins for Monroe against Colton were Brett Webb (171 pounds), Matt Heroy (189) and Chad Stroda (130), and getting a win by pin against Jefferson was Kyle Elliott (189).