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informal The most important or powerful person within an enterprise or organization. Used especially in reference to organized crime. The notorious kingpin controls the illegal drug trade across the entire Eastern Seaboard. He started out selling cheap local newspapers when he was a teen. Now he's the kingpin of a huge global media empire.


informal The legs. She was a little unsteady on her pins as she stood up. My pins started trembling under the weight of the barbell.
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1. n. someone’s leg. (Usually plural.) Stand up on your pins and speak your mind.
2. n. an important criminal leader. (From kingpin.) The mob’s getting careless. The cops think they caught the pin this time.
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The pin can be bought online for USD 10 (Ksh 1,000).
Protestant Reformation founder Martin Luther set the number of pins (which varied from 3 to 17) at nine.
The sight features Black Gold's legendary "Dial of Death" range-adjustment wheel, PhotoChromatic technology to automatically darken the pins when there's too much light hitting the fiber-optic backing and an interchange able, fluorescent sight ring on the housing.
Since there is an exception to every rule, always leave a considerable amount of land length for any pin that ejects the sprue puller, runner, or various types of gates.
Since acquiring Pin Oak Corpus Christi in 2017, Pin Oak has executed an interconnection agreement with a crude oil pipeline and secured a multi-m-barrel long-term crude oil storage contract, with the capacity to construct additional third party storage.
Lapel pin gives you that classy look that turn heads at events whether corporate or social.
Marion picked up 24 straight points after that starting with Lydell Hoskins, Landon White and Charles Neil earning pins and Allen Abernathy taking a forfeit.
Further information on Engineering Pins from Challenge Europe can be found at
The use of a capture-punch or slave-punch (technically the same thing just two different uses for it) is using a punch in place of what ultimately will be the roll pin you're getting ready to seat, and it's being used either to hold the pieces-parts together or also to ensure alignment of the pin as the pin crosses the gap and enters the inside of the hole on the other side of the part.
The highly compliant pin has a working range up to 1mm with a flat spring rate and can be utilized up to 15GHz with - 1.0dB loss, carry up to 4 amps of current and withstand temperatures up to 200[degrees]C.
Currently, there are only three ways to obtain an IP PIN: (1) Residents of Florida, Georgia, and the District of Columbia can participate in the IRS IP PIN pilot program; (2) the IRS unilaterally determines that a taxpayer is a victim of fraud and then informs the taxpayer; or (3) the taxpayer reports to the IRS (by submitting Form 14039, Identity Theft Affidavit) that he or she is a victim of tax-related identity theft.
Furthermore, the maintenance discipline of accounting for all aircraft hardware, pins, and covers prior to engine start can go a long way to preventing these types of mishaps.
Try this hands-on experiment to see how background noise affects how well you can hear a pin drop.
Cause of separation was failure of cotter pin retaining clevis pin between cable end and power lever.