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n. a man who solicits business for a prostitute. (Use caution with pimp and the topic.) The guy with the diamond rings looks like a pimp.

pimp steak

n. a hot dog; a wiener. (see also tube steak.) Oh, no! Not pimp steak again tonight.
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popcorn pimp

n. a pimp who runs a small operation. (Streets. Popcorn here means small; as in popcorn shrimp.) Reggie is nothing but a popcorn pimp. He’ll never amount to much.
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So it seems that the pimps don't have much choice but to consider Vincent's offer.
Asked if he feels any remorse for what he does, the pimp answers: "I don't feel remorseful at all.
In Street Poison, Gifford patiently crafts a narrative that shows how Beck, a Chicago pimp, became the godfather of hip-hop, an integral cog in Hollywood's Blaxploitation era and one of the most-read black authors of the 20th century.
The 47-year-old, who is now an up-and-coming actress, said: "I have heard from girls I know who are still in the industry that branding is becoming an extremely popular practice among pimps, especially by those from Russia and Poland.
The pimps will then bring the girls to the hotel once their transaction with their customers becomes successful.
Earlier in the session, state lawmakers approved another bill, signed into law by the governor, that allows district attorneys to prosecute pimps who even attempt to force a child into prostitution.
You can also talk to pimps through different websites which clearly reveal the services they provide and at what rate.
During the raid we have arrested 9 prostitutes and two pimps," said Rahman in Udaipur.
Committee No 39 had to be replaced after some of its members said the digit was a euphemism for pimps in the local parlance.
The answer was a resounding "yes"--but only if the existence of a criminal enterprise could be proven, made up of numerous pimps acting together in concert.
The authors estimated that women who work without pimps earn about $25 per hour while those working with pimps earn 50 percent more.
However, as the study progressed we found that concentrating upon the ideal type of pimp and prostitute we encountered obscured appreciation of the entrepreneurial strategies used by many street-level prostitutes and pimps to extract value from their environment.
PIMPS UP, HO'S DOWN: HIP HOP'S HOLD ON YOUNG BLACK WOMEN offers damning evidence about hip hop's underlying racial and social prejudices, examining the politics of gender and providing a feminist's perspective and insights into black music's underlying message.
Kuhns starts with an invocation of the terms "midwife" and "pimp," which in this study are particularly fitting not only because of the themes of Boccaccio's racy novelle, but because midwives and pimps serve as analogies for story and storyteller.