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n. a man who solicits business for a prostitute. (Use caution with pimp and the topic.) The guy with the diamond rings looks like a pimp.

pimp steak

n. a hot dog; a wiener. (see also tube steak.) Oh, no! Not pimp steak again tonight.
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popcorn pimp

n. a pimp who runs a small operation. (Streets. Popcorn here means small; as in popcorn shrimp.) Reggie is nothing but a popcorn pimp. He’ll never amount to much.
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The revelation comes just days after police raided a brothel in Poland and discovered almost all of the girls working at it had been branded by their pimps.
As a Safdarjung Enclave- based pimp explained to Mail Today: " These girls are frank, natural, easy to go with and co- operative.
Acting on tip-off the police team raided the guest house of a hotel situated in the vicinity and arrested the culprits, while they are on the lookout for one more pimp escaped in another vehicle.
And pimps don't necessarily have the children on the streets in plain view, for all to see that prostitution is happening.
If this sorry state of affairs persists, the people who have the number 39 in their official documents will not be able to move around the city for fear of being branded as pimps.
During the ensuing discussions the subject of pimps arose and an area of mutual research interest developed.
Decameron and the Philosophy of Storytelling: Author as Midwife and Pimp.
Women working in clubs are paying between 40 and 60 percent to the club owner, and women on the street or that have pimps often turn over their entire take to the pimp and just get a little allowance to five off of.
In a nutshell: Pointlessly vile video game in which a little boy faces off against a pimp, the mob, smiley pedophiles and an abusive step-dad.
Their topsy turvy success doesn't concern the Pimps, they just want to make people dance.
Also consider that the world of pimps and thugs so grossly stereotyped by Ghettopoly was inspired by images commonly promoted by African American recording artists and producers.
Birmingham is to wage war on pimps as part of a crackdown on drugs and prostitution in the city.
Television producer and photographer Tracy Funches, who was behind the canonical HBO documentary Pimps Up, Ho's Down, as well as the direct-marketed Pimpology UNCUT
Then, over the din of cap droppin' pimps and rump-shakin' hos, comes a soul-sonic force No More Prisons.
5) Second, the new addicts either came from the sporting class, which was comprised of prostitutes, pimps, thieves, gamblers, gangsters, entertainers, fairies, and johns; or, they were youths who admired the sporting men and women.