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n. a man who solicits business for a prostitute. (Use caution with pimp and the topic.) The guy with the diamond rings looks like a pimp.

pimp steak

n. a hot dog; a wiener. (see also tube steak.) Oh, no! Not pimp steak again tonight.
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popcorn pimp

n. a pimp who runs a small operation. (Streets. Popcorn here means small; as in popcorn shrimp.) Reggie is nothing but a popcorn pimp. He’ll never amount to much.
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Prior to this case, a pimp once told a witness, "The reds will lock you up for dope, but they won't lock you up for pimping.
Pimping runs contrary to accepted masculine doxa of what it means to be a man, making it deeply shameful to live off the immoral earnings of women.
The director, Michael Campus, went to Oakland and met with the Ward brothers, a couple of real-life street toughs, to get a more realistic view of pimping, and also to get their cooperation in making the film.
Poverty pimping required collusion by the governmental and philanthropic elites who controlled purse strings and defined both the nature of material incentives and the rules of the game.
Carl Ferrer was charged with pimping, pimping a minor and conspiracy to commit pimping.
The court found that the laws banning brothels and pimping violated the rights of sex workers by stopping them from working out of their own homes or from using security or bodyguards.
Jody Diane Babydol Gibson, 43, was allowed to serve her federal time concurrently with the three-year state prison term she received after a jury found her guilty of pimping last year.
Calling Jody Babydol Gibson a ``tragic, pathetic'' woman, a judge sentenced her to three years in prison Monday for pimping call girls to celebrities, professional athletes and executives.
Jurors in the pimping trial of Jody Babydol Gibson returned sealed verdicts on three counts Thursday but signaled they are hung up on the remaining four charges.
The trial of pandering suspect Jody Babydol Gibson opened Tuesday with a critical question unanswered: Where are the prostitutes who betrayed her to authorities, accusing her of pimping them for $1,000 an hour or more?
14 trial date for accused madam Jody Babydol Gibson, who stands charged with pimping and pandering prostitutes for Hollywood actors, Fortune 500 executives and others.
Accused madam Jody Babydol Gibson pleaded innocent Wednesday to charges of pimping and pandering when her case was transferred to Van Nuys Superior Court for jury trial.
The judge in the pimping and pandering case against Jody Babydol Gibson may throw out some testimony from the lead police investigator because he contacted a prostitute in the case, attorneys said Friday.
Gibson, 41, was charged with two counts each of pimping and pandering two women, in addition to nine counts that her ring served Hollywood actors, CEOs and at least one professional athlete, police and prosecutors said.
Toby Eugene Hines was convicted Thursday of two felony counts of pimping and faces a prison term ranging from three to seven years, officials said.