pilot into

pilot something into something

 and pilot something in
to steer or guide something into something. (Usually refers to steering a ship.) We need to signal for a pilot to pilot our ship into the harbor. Fred piloted in the freighter.
See also: pilot
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Pilot's competitive technologies, coupled with the market need for business analytics, will continue to push Pilot into a leadership position in the business analytics market.
When the user is ready to synchronize data between Sidekick 97 and the Pilot, they simply plug the Pilot into its cradle, push the HotSync button, and calendar, contact, notes and to do data will be updated as specified.
IMS America, the leading provider of worldwide market research, sales management and decision support services for pharmaceutical and other healthcare related industries, is integrating the data mining tools being developed by Pilot into its Xplorer sales and marketing data warehouse suite of products.