pilot into

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pilot something into something

 and pilot something in
to steer or guide something into something. (Usually refers to steering a ship.) We need to signal for a pilot to pilot our ship into the harbor. Fred piloted in the freighter.
See also: pilot
References in classic literature ?
Divided between our rubber and such topics as these, we were running (as we thought) into Halifax Harbour, on the fifteenth night, with little wind and a bright moon - indeed, we had made the Light at its outer entrance, and put the pilot in charge - when suddenly the ship struck upon a bank of mud.
So Caesar said to the pilot in the tempest, Caesarem portas, et fortunam ejus.
He was so curious that he even ventured to ask the pilot in a low voice.
The three have apparently been held under highly questionable charges that the father, who had been a pilot in Syria, is somehow involved in terrorist activities.
We have observed the results of the lanelogic pilot in Texas/OK and the results are encouraging.