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on automatic pilot

In an intuitive way without having to think about one's actions, generally because one has done something many times in the past. Also used in the shortened form, "on autopilot." By the second week of data entry, I could fill in the spreadsheets on automatic pilot. Making bottles, changing diapers, and putting the baby to sleep were all challenging at first, but now I feel like I'm doing it all on autopilot.
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pilot someone or something through (something)

to guide or steer someone or something through something, especially through a waterway. We hired someone to pilot us through the harbor entrance. The channel was treacherous, and we hired someone to pilot the ship through.
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pilot something into something

 and pilot something in
to steer or guide something into something. (Usually refers to steering a ship.) We need to signal for a pilot to pilot our ship into the harbor. Fred piloted in the freighter.
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pilot something out of something

 and pilot something out
to steer or guide something out of something. (Usually refers to steering a ship.) The chubby little man with a pipe piloted the huge ship out of the harbor. The storm made it very difficult to pilot the ship out. Help me pilot out this old tub.
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on automatic pilot


on autopilot

COMMON If you are on automatic pilot or on autopilot, you are acting without thinking about what you are doing, usually because you have done it many times before or because you are very tired. Note: `Autopilot' is often written as `auto-pilot' in British English. Steve seemed to be on automatic pilot and able to go on driving without apparent fatigue. Note: You can also say that you go on to automatic pilot or on to autopilot if you start acting in this way. When the kids came home I just switched on to autopilot, making the tea, listening to them fight. Note: In aircraft, automatic pilot is a device which automatically keeps the plane on course without the need for the pilot to do much.
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drop the pilot

abandon a trustworthy adviser.
Dropping the Pilot was the caption of a famous cartoon by John Tenniel , published in Punch in 1890 . It depicted Bismarck's dismissal as German Chancellor by the young Kaiser Wilhelm II .
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be on ˌautomatic ˈpilot

do something without thinking because you have done the same thing many times before: I got up and dressed on automatic pilot.
The automatic pilot is the device in an aircraft that keeps it on a fixed course without the need for a person to control it. It is often shortened to ‘autopilot’: I did the journey on autopilot.
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n. a chaplain. The sky-pilot says we can park in the church’s lot, if we don’t mess anything up or make too much noise.
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The taste of the land was strong in the men's mouths, and strong it was in the skipper's mouth as he muttered a gruff good day to the departing pilot, and himself went down to his cabin.
We smashed thot lighter,' says he, comun' up the lodder tull the brudge--an' the pilot stondun' there wuth his ears cocked tull hear.
After the pilot was gone I says tull the mate: 'Uf you dunna know onythun', old mon, for Heaven's sake keep your mouth shut.
He was not only the great cutting-edge research pilot .
Poland is seeking enrollment for all future Polish F-16 pilots in the USAF-taught T-38 qualification course.
However, the pilot elected not to land on the parent ship due to limited waveoff capability while the ship was undergoing replenishment at sea (RAS) with another ship alongside.
Because aircraft design, power, and stability all affect and are affected by the aircraft control system, the key factor in the development of control systems for aircraft is to design them to optimize the aircraft performance while providing carefree handling qualities to the pilot.
There even are some courses that will give you the organizational lessons and pep talks about how to be a combat pilot, without the airplanes.
The new paper coating pilot plant at WMU is part of an engineering complex the university is completing adjacent to its Business Technology and Research Park.
During flight or shortly after landing, a pilot affected by GIVD typically experiences a whirling sensation in which the horizon appears to spin.
Most people have been pretty happy with the three-state pilot.
On April 4, Pilots Agree, a union representing a third of the nation's 3,000 tugboat pilots, called for a strike.
When you roll, you lose lift and the airplane win start to fall out of the sky," says aerobatic pilot Dennis James.
USAir, Allegheny Commuter, and Jetstream pilot leaders have passed resolutions supporting the Piedmont pilots.
This means any pilot firing a Sparrow must keep his radar on, announcing his position; he must further train his concentration on the target and restrict his aircraft's flight path as long as the Sparrow is flying, rendering himself vulnerable to attack from other aircraft or missiles in the area, and often ending up having closed to within visual range anyway.