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pillow talk

Intimate conversations between two people in a romantic relationship when they are in bed together. More than anything else, it's the pillow talk that I miss most since we had kids—we just don't have the time for it anymore, and it feels like we've become a bit distant as a result.
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Resting or reclining on some soft, cushioned material. She lay pillowed on velvet cushions. You should see her dog—the thing sleeps at night pillowed in a lush satin mattress. I swear, it has a better life than I do.
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ˈpillow talk

(informal) a conversation in bed between lovers when promises are made which should not be taken too seriously, or secrets are revealed: ‘He said he’d never been so deeply in love in the whole of his life.’ ‘That was just pillow talk.’‘How did he find out about that?’ ‘Pillow talk, probably.’
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mod. pregnant. (Refers to the swelling in a pregnant woman’s abdomen.) She does look a bit pillowed, doesn’t she?
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