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(as) cool as the other side of the pillow

slang Popularized by US sportscaster Stuart Scott.
1. Particularly calm, composed, and in control. Despite his opponents' aggressive defensive tactics, the quarterback remained as cool as the other side of the pillow and managed to complete 76% of his passes. Call Drew—he's always cool as the other side of the pillow about stuff like this. He'll help us for sure. I was petrified to take the stage, but Alice was as cool as the other side of the pillow.
2. Especially sophisticated, fashionable, or knowledgeable of the latest trends. Man, Jon is always as cool as the other side of the pillow. Look at those fresh new sneakers! A: "If we can get Tiffany to come to our party, lots of other people will come too." B: "Tiffany is cool as the other side of the pillow! Why would she even talk to two dorks like us?" You should talk to Maria—she's cool as the other side of the pillow and knows all the hottest clubs.
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a clean conscience makes a soft pillow

proverb If one has no feelings of guilt or remorse, then they are able to rest more easily. I have always lived an honest, upright life, and let me tell you, a clean conscience makes a soft pillow. A: "I'm so torn up over what I did! I feel like I haven't slept properly in weeks." B: "You really need to tell Jonathan the truth—you'll feel a lot better if you do. A clean conscience makes a soft pillow, after all." I had no role in causing this and can genuinely say that a clean conscience makes a soft pillow.

pillow talk

Intimate conversations between two people in a romantic relationship when they are in bed together. More than anything else, it's the pillow talk that I miss most since we had kids—we just don't have the time for it anymore, and it feels like we've become a bit distant as a result.
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offensive slang A homosexual male.


Resting or reclining on some soft, cushioned material. She lay pillowed on velvet cushions. You should see her dog—the thing sleeps at night pillowed in a lush satin mattress. I swear, it has a better life than I do.
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the best advice is found on the pillow

proverb Being well-rested will likely help you to solve or address an issue or problem. If you're unsure of how to proceed, why not get back to me in the morning? After all, the best advice is found on the pillow.
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ˈpillow talk

(informal) a conversation in bed between lovers when promises are made which should not be taken too seriously, or secrets are revealed: ‘He said he’d never been so deeply in love in the whole of his life.’ ‘That was just pillow talk.’‘How did he find out about that?’ ‘Pillow talk, probably.’
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mod. pregnant. (Refers to the swelling in a pregnant woman’s abdomen.) She does look a bit pillowed, doesn’t she?
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pillow talk

Exchanging information, often of a privileged nature, in bed. Dating from the first half of the 1900s, the term was the title of a romantic comedy motion picture (1959) starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day. A New York Times article had it, “Mrs. Ford makes it plain she gets her views across to Mr.[President] Ford in what she calls ‘pillow talk’” (Aug. 4, 1975).
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