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Des radios privees et plusieurs pages facebook ont relaye des informations sur le pillage du complexe des jeunes, juste apres son inauguration dans le cadre de la celebration de la fete de la Revolution et de la Jeunesse.
Not unlike surfing your way to the pillage cool crap into space and shred the threads of existence.
The economic pillage of the Philippines by the Marcos conjugal dictatorship brought our country to its knees; from that pillage it is just starting to recover; and corruption, which became endemic under their reign, still gnaws on the moral fabric of our nation.
He proclaimed that imperialist powers have always been trying to pillage the resources and assets of nations through complicated schemes.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS Wee Thinker Across: 7 Dominic 9 Lunch 10 Early 11 Trumpet 12 Eel 13 It's a deal 16 Labourer 17 Ram 19 Catch up 21 Revel 22 Wiper 23 Endured Down: 1 Adheres 2 Umbrella 3 Andy 4 Flounder 5 Snip 6 White 8 Catastrophe 13 Isotherm 14 Aardvark 15 Implode 18 Scowl 20 Tape 21 Rods QUICKIE Across: 1 Shepherdess 8 Sly 9 Hop 11 Popular 12 Agile 13 Owe 14 Pea 15 Tangent 17 Tab 19 Ease 21 Iced 23 Span 25 Saga 27 Tar 29 Recount 31 Air 34 Apt 36 Craft 37 Chamber 38 Kin 39 Lay 40 Storyteller Down: 1 Slow 2 Hype 3 Pillage 4 Enrage 5 Drain 6 Ship 7 Sole 8 Sport 10 Peace 16 Tea 18 Big 20 Ant 22 Car 24 Pinball 25 Stack 26 Tomcat 28 Retry 30 Enter 32 Iris 33 Rant 34 Able 35 Pear
History Day is coming up soon at school and little Vulgar the Viking intends using the special day to reclaim his Viking heritage, 'to bring back pillage to the village'.
SO Kevin Bradley claims to have studied history for many years and claims that the slaughter of Red Indians and the bombing of Iraq was due to the pillage of their national resources.
In addition, they must refrain from providing any form of assistance to such violations, including by maintaining business relationships with economic actors allegedly involved in pillage in the occupied Dead Sea area.
SOUTH Wales match anglers have been crossing the Severn Bridge to pillage the prize lists with Lee Werritt, from Ebbw Vale, winning the Wednesday Open at Viaduct Fishery, Somerton, with 215lb 5oz of carp and Cardiff's Clive Roberts finishing fourth in the large entry for the River Huntspill Championship at Bridgwater with 17lb of roach.
There's nothing left to pillage D MOFFATT, Prudhoe, Northumberland
To pillage the natural resources on the other side.
China has already taken other measures to try to protect the specified cultural property; they have not adequately deterred pillage.
Live a corporate fantasy on the high seas as you loot, pillage, and "realign priorities" the old-fashioned way in Sid Meier's Pirates