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pile on the pounds

To put on weight quickly, especially a large or excessive amount. Wow, Jim really piled on the pounds on while he was on his sabbatical. I'm trying to pile on the pounds so I can make it on the football team this fall!
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pile Pelion on Ossa

1. To further complicate something that is already tedious or challenging. Ossa and Pelion are two mountains in Greece. A: "I told Becky you would pick her up." B: "I already have so much to do today—quit piling Pelion on Ossa!" Just when I thought I was almost done sorting these files, my boss piled Pelion on Ossa and brought me another box of them.
2. To do something that seems futile. I know that I'm just piling Pelion on Ossa by telling you to stay away from that boy, but I'm your father, and I don't want to see you get hurt. That couch will never fit up the steps—tell them to stop piling Pelion on Ossa!
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pile on the agony

To exaggerate one's pain, difficulties, or problems in order to get more sympathy from others. Primarily heard in UK. My wife's been piling on the agony about her sore back so that I'll do more of the work around the house this weekend. Did you hear Tom? He was really piling on the agony to the boss to try to get this Friday off work.
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pile up

1. To accumulate, gather, or increase over time. Please don't let your dirty dishes pile up—put them in the dishwasher or clean them yourself! With Deborah out sick all week, jobs have begun to pile up in our department.
2. To put something into a pile or heap. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "pile" and "up." Just pile up your garden waste on the curb, and we will be around in the morning to collect it.
3. To crash into or on top of one another. Because of the black ice on the roads, nearly a dozen cars piled up as they tried in vain to come to a stop.
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pile it on

To add a large and unnecessary amount of something. I like what you've written so far, but you should try being a bit more subtle with the dramatic tensions between the characters—it just feels like you're piling it on a bit. Poor Samantha. Her mother died of last winter, her husband lost his job recently, and now she's been diagnosed with breast cancer. Fate has just been piling it on.
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pile in(to) something

1. To enter into something in a rough, disorderly fashion. We had Jake and all his friends pile into the van after their soccer practice. OK, everybody pile in, the train doors won't stay open for long!
2. To gather and load a large number of people or things into something, especially in a rough, disorderly fashion. Jake's car was broken, so Samantha just piled us all into hers. You can just pile all those books into my backpack.
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pile out (of something)

To exit or disembark from something in a rough, disorderly fashion. Jake and his friends piled out of the van to go to soccer practice. We need to count heads as you leave the bus, so don't everyone pile out all at once!
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pile something up

1. to crash or wreck something. Drive carefully if you don't want to pile the car up. The driver piled up the car against a tree.
2. to make something into a heap. Carl piled all the leaves up and set them afire. Please pile up the leaves.
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pile up

1. Lit. [for things] to gather or accumulate. The newspapers began to pile up after a few days. Work is really piling up around here.
2. Fig. [for a number of vehicles] to crash together. Nearly twenty cars piled up on the bridge this morning.
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pile up

1. Accumulate, as in The leaves piled up in the yard, or He piled up a huge fortune. In this idiom pile means "form a heap or mass of something." [Mid-1800s]
2. Be involved in a crash, as in When the police arrived, at least four cars had piled up. [Late 1800s]
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pile (or heap) Pelion on Ossa

add an extra difficulty or task to an already difficult situation or undertaking. literary
In Greek mythology, the mountain Pelion was held to be the home of the centaurs, and the giants were said to have piled Mounts Olympus and Ossa on its summit in their attempt to reach the heavens and destroy the gods.
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pile it on

exaggerate for effect. informal
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pile on the agony

exaggerate or aggravate a bad situation. informal
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pile up

1. To arrange something into a pile: We piled up the firewood in the garage. I piled the dirty dishes up in the sink.
2. To accumulate: My bills piled up while I was in the hospital.
3. To cause something to accumulate: The company is piling up debt with its risky investments. The team piled 40 points up in the first half of the game.
4. To crash into each other; collide. Used especially of vehicles: Because of the thick fog, dozens of cars piled up on the freeway.
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