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pilfer from (someone or something)

1. To steal from someone, something, or some group, especially in a furtive or deceptive manner. The CEO was caught pilfering from the company's pension funds. I have no doubt the school has been pilfering from its students. I heard Tom and Janet's daughter has been pilfering from them lately.
2. To steal something from someone, something, or some group in small amounts, especially in a furtive or deceptive manner. I've been pilfering a few dollars from my parents at a time, so I doubt they'll notice. I guess Tom had been pilfering office supplies from the company for years before he was finally caught.
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pilfer from someone or something

to steal from someone or a group. The petty thief had pilfered from several merchants in town. Someone has pilfered from the petty-cash drawer.
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pilfer something from someone or something

to steal something from someone or something. Did you pilfer this money from your parents? Who pilfered some money from the cash box?
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. I’ve had too much. I’m beginning to feel pilfered.
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Meanwhile, a mepco team led by SDO MEPCO Rural subdivision Taunsa Nasir Hameed raided and caught 24 power pilferers red-handed while pilfering electricity and got registered cases against them.
(When you caught the driver of your daughter on three occasions (with witness and evidence) pilfering and lying, and yet she chose to believe the driver.)
It is such a pilfering store could for so long Recorder "One asks the question, how on earth did it take such a long time for you to be found out?
In the wake of the state government order, police has also started a crackdown on various mafia networks engaged in pilfering and the adulteration of milk, fuel, sand and other illegal activities.
Technology has made pilfering prose easy, but it can also hinder those actions.
Here, as in the past, Wilcox utilizes a variety of source images, pilfering television, cinema, and still photography as well as staging elaborate reenactments and shooting off the cuff.
Warren Feeney netted his fourth goal in five games to put County ahead early on, but Danns replied with a penalty before pilfering the points with a 90th-minute winner.
The monkeys almost always took the grape only from the person who couldn't detect their pilfering.
Unknowing to Amos, this pilfering of a preachers clothes will have a far reaching effect on Amos life that he ever imagined.
An advertisement for a TSA-approved combination lock that can be opened by a special key boasted that it "deters casual pilfering." The same can't be said, unfortunately, of opportunistic pilfering carried out by TSA employees.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police approached a heavily fortified cabin in the winter of 1932, and tried to arrest a lone-wolf trapper accused of pilfering a homesteader's traplines.
A Metropolitan Police worker has been sacked after being accused of pilfering more than pounds 190,000 from the service.
The device also helps reduce packaging material waste by 500%, and is designed to save money by deterring pilfering, reducing sugar and coffee waste, minimizing labor used to clean up, and eliminating the frequent refilling of sugar caddies and pourers.
Towels are top of the pilfering list, according to a quiz of 1,000 hoteliers.
Plant pilfering is a persistent, if little-known, problem at a wide range of public places: public parks, botanical gardens, national forests, and acreage managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).