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pilfer from someone or something

to steal from someone or a group. The petty thief had pilfered from several merchants in town. Someone has pilfered from the petty-cash drawer.
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pilfer something from someone or something

to steal something from someone or something. Did you pilfer this money from your parents? Who pilfered some money from the cash box?
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. I’ve had too much. I’m beginning to feel pilfered.
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A Metropolitan Police worker has been sacked after being accused of pilfering more than pounds 190,000 from the service.
The device also helps reduce packaging material waste by 500%, and is designed to save money by deterring pilfering, reducing sugar and coffee waste, minimizing labor used to clean up, and eliminating the frequent refilling of sugar caddies and pourers.
Towels are top of the pilfering list, according to a quiz of 1,000 hoteliers.
Plant pilfering is a persistent, if little-known, problem at a wide range of public places: public parks, botanical gardens, national forests, and acreage managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).
Women topped the light-fingered league - pilfering everything from soap and shampoo to phone directories, bedding and clocks.
The problem isn't limited to instore pilfering by customers, however.
HTML Guard offers an Internet copyright protection for anyone who wants to protect a website's intellectual property from pilfering and unauthorized copying, be it HTML source code, text or graphics, HTML Guard helps prevent users from saving a website's content wholesale, or in part.
Although we focused on the controls maintained over donated property, our observations lead us to believe that there is an inherent weakness in property management in general," stated the inspector general's report, which concluded that the district's complete lack of inventory controls "encourages the potential for pilfering.
Oscar Espinosa Villareal, a former Mexico City mayor who is accused of pilfering some US$45 million in public funds during his term, was sitting in a Nicaraguan jail at press time, awaiting extradition.
The collective price tag, which includes falsifying expense reports and time sheets, pilfering office supplies and taking inventory, is over $120 billion annually.
But when they become active and take matters in their own hands to redress flagrant abuses and exploitation, the peasantry is described as engaged in petty theft, petty pilfering, fraud, and other criminal activity, "to attain the rather pedestrian goal of secure subsistence" (pp.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Boca Raton stockbroker Samuel Williams was arrested today on 29 felony charges stemming from his alleged pilfering of some $2.
These new regulations dramatically emphasize the need for computer owners to be able to secure their laptops, and especially the valuable data stored inside them, from loss, pilfering and outright theft.
Islamabad -- Due to non payment of outstanding bill, the Aabpara Police station had been pilfering gas for the past one year for usage.
According to FIA spokesman, the FIA team conducted a raid at commercial plaza, Gulshan Block Allama Iqbal Town and arrested Janaid Ahmad and Imran Ali for pilfering electricity by tampering meter.