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pilfer from someone or something

to steal from someone or a group. The petty thief had pilfered from several merchants in town. Someone has pilfered from the petty-cash drawer.
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pilfer something from someone or something

to steal something from someone or something. Did you pilfer this money from your parents? Who pilfered some money from the cash box?
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. I’ve had too much. I’m beginning to feel pilfered.
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10,000 to different consumers and warned them that if they had not stop the power pilferage, the fine will be increased and a strict action will be taken against them.
He said that without the involvement of staff, the pilferage of gas and electricity was impossible.
He said that about 2500 MW electricity could be saved by checking power pilferage and extra usage.
PESCO has once again warned electricity stealers to stop power pilferage in the larger interest of the nation, due to which PESCO has to face huge financial & line losses on the one hand and on the other hand PESCO's whole distribution system gets over loaded and the general public faces inconvenience of frequent power break downs.
He directed to launch a grand operation against the commercial and other power pilferers to overcome power theft and to control electricity pilferage.
RAHIM YAR KHAN -- Various police stations of the district registered 496 cases of power/gas pilferage from June 29 onwards to date.
FuelHawk also can provide detection of unusual fueling events, potential fuel losses through leaks or pilferage and locomotives and/or engineers that appear to be using excessive amounts of fuel.
For quite some time now, claims and complaints relating to baggage pilferage and damage presented a major challenge to us.
The intention apparently was to hush up fuel pilferage from the depot involving officials of both the IOC as well as the adjoining depot of the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited ( HPCL).
Besides liberating the slaves, President Lincoln also liberated Mission San Juan Capistrano, signing the papers a month before his assassination to return the mission - seized by the Mexican government in 1833 - to the Catholic church after years of pilferage and private ownership.
Pilferage of company property, such as food or linens, is not considered subject to Oregon's mandatory reporting law, but it is theft, nonetheless, and is considered grounds for dismissal.
The SIM is a robust Web-hosted inventory management solution that enforces business rules, controls access at the point-of-use (POU) and provides enterprise-wide inventory visibility which eliminates pilferage, stock-outs, and overstocking.
PESHAWAR -- In an ongoing campaign against power pilferage, checking teams of Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) on Tuesday arrested 22 persons on consuming electricity through direct hooks.
FAISALABAD -- An intelligence team of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) has unearthed massive electricity pilferage at a local power loom factory in the area of Ghulam Mohammad Abad police station.
Chief Executive Office Pesco ordered no one should be spared who is involved in power theft,as due to this power pilferage Pescos distribution system is over loaded on one side and on the other side Pescos Line Losses increase and people also face frequent power breakdowns and load shedding.