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pilfer from (someone or something)

1. To steal from someone, something, or some group, especially in a furtive or deceptive manner. The CEO was caught pilfering from the company's pension funds. I have no doubt the school has been pilfering from its students. I heard Tom and Janet's daughter has been pilfering from them lately.
2. To steal something from someone, something, or some group in small amounts, especially in a furtive or deceptive manner. I've been pilfering a few dollars from my parents at a time, so I doubt they'll notice. I guess Tom had been pilfering office supplies from the company for years before he was finally caught.
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pilfer from someone or something

to steal from someone or a group. The petty thief had pilfered from several merchants in town. Someone has pilfered from the petty-cash drawer.
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pilfer something from someone or something

to steal something from someone or something. Did you pilfer this money from your parents? Who pilfered some money from the cash box?
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. I’ve had too much. I’m beginning to feel pilfered.
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He said action was taken on Oct 30, 2015 against 18 baggage handlers, hired through a contractor, in connection with a complaint about their involvement in suspicious activities including pilferage from luggage.
According to Monreal, the Naia recorded 26 cases of baggage pilferage in 2016.
In short, maintain tight inventory control, give your staff clear guidelines for handling all dispensing of food and beverages and respond promptly to any signs of pilferage.
After the enactment of the law, the company would be in a position not only to impose fine but also lodge an FIR against those found guilty of gas pilferage.
Most of the passengers coming for Christmas to the Philippines will be bringing in presents and we will make extra efforts to ensure that these items, especially check in baggage, are secure from pilferage," he was quoted by the Philippine daily Pilipino Star Ngayon.
As important was the absence of pilferage of contents in the strapped plastic totes.
The measurement of tax pilferage is inherently difficult both because of its illegal nature, requiring secrecy, and because of conceptual problems.
It is a fact of life, albeit a grim one, that where there are drugs, there is the potential for pilferage and diversion.
Hopefully, with those cameras and additional intelligence officers, we will unmask and arrest all those people who are involved in the pilferage that victimized incoming and outgoing passengers' luggage, he said.
Malacanang on Sunday dismissed the appeal of a ground cargo handling service provider at Manila and Clark international airports whose contract was terminated following alleged incidents of pilferage.
The prompt action of Clark airport authorities in resolving the reported pilferage of a passenger's luggage last week was applauded by top executives of the association of investors and locators here.
Limited Tenders are invited for Lift Lock Chrome plated anti pilferage water tap to 10-15 microns of size 15 mm,BSP thread with S.
Similarly during checking in the areas of Pabbi-1 sub division during checking 67 accused of power pilferage including tampered meters nabbed.
The intention apparently was to hush up fuel pilferage from the depot involving officials of both the IOC as well as the adjoining depot of the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited ( HPCL).