pile off

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pile off (something)

to get down off something; to clamber down off something. All the kids piled off the wagon and ran into the barn. She stopped the wagon, and they piled off.
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In the Yorkshire Dales, I once saw a horde of British tourists pile off a bus to snap photographs of a home for the elderly in the village of Askrigg.
As reporters pile off, a Serb officer explains that "massacre victims are to the right.
Even if you don't raise the pile off the ground, you can create air channels on the bottom by making the first layer with coarse material such as light brush or hedge trimmings.
In all cases, keep the bottom layer of the pile off the ground.
To help gardeners get a compost pile off to a healthy start, Starbucks Coffee Company (Nasdaq:SBUX) is offering coffee grounds.
AS desperate Zimbabwean refugees pile off the buses in downtown Johannesburg, they do not dare to dream that change is on its way.
It's a business that takes Americans intent on unearthing their Celtic roots very seriously as they pile off coaches outside Cardiff Castle.
Two glasses and I have a head like a bag of bolts, so retire while the others pile off out for a day and night of partying.
PILE OFF THE POUNDS: Sabrina shows off her new figure; OBESE: Sabrina before
Then, when the rain actually started to fall, it took a whole two minutes of 'shall we shan't we' style deliberation, as the precipitation got steadily more powerful, and the groan of the tractor engine indicated a driver getting twitchier and twitchier as his pride and joy got wetter and wetter, before the umpires gave their assent and allowed the players to pile off to the pavilion at full speed.
To get a compost pile off to a healthy start, Starbucks Coffee Company offers customers coffee grounds free of charge.