pile in

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pile in(to) something

1. To enter into something in a rough, disorderly fashion. We had Jake and all his friends pile into the van after their soccer practice. OK, everybody pile in, the train doors won't stay open for long!
2. To gather and load a large number of people or things into something, especially in a rough, disorderly fashion. Jake's car was broken, so Samantha just piled us all into hers. You can just pile all those books into my backpack.
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pile in(to something)

to climb in or get in roughly. Okay, kids, pile in! The children piled into the car and slammed the door.
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pile in

1. To enter something or some place in a disorderly mass or group: All six of us piled in the car. The subway doors opened and the passengers piled in.
2. To move some people into something or some place in a disorderly fashion: Pile the kids in the van and let's go. I opened the cellar door and piled the logs in. The truck is full and I don't think we can pile in any more rugs.
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