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Like other foreign anthropologists working in Southeast Asia at the time--Melford Spiro, Stanley Tambiah, Marjorie Muecke, Steven Piker, among others--Terwiel felt the need to create broad categories to describe the inconsistency of purported belief and actual practice.
11) Piker liked to point out that this broad definition allowed a continuum between a very peripheral federal system in which the central government controlled only one category of action and a very centralized federalism in which the central government controlled all but one category of action.
Levent Piker, Director OceanBasis, Chief Executive Officer Coastal Research et Management (CRM) , O'Wellness, Germany,
In the end, Boris Piker battled past Mohamad Mansi 25-16 in the final.
While at Middleton One Row, local piker Mick Fox reported chub are increasingly picking up and often dropping small deadbaits that result in unhooked runs.
If you fancy hunting one, first you must obtain permission and if you have never fished for pike before, please ask an experienced piker to take you out.
Obama really has shown what a piker Bush was when it comes to throwing away taxpayers' dollars, including "green" subsidies to companies like Solyndra, a no-effect stimulus, buyouts and Queen Michelle's vacations and parties.
Tirelessly they shuffle hats, costume pieces and accents with lightning speed, their 40 roles apiece making a veritable piker out of BD Wong, who's responsible for only 11 parts in "Herringbone" in La Jolla's smaller venue, barely 39 steps away.
Even if one accepts at face value the worst charges against Pinochet (which I don't), one must conclude that he was a mere piker in the brutality department, compared to terror champs like Castro, Putin, Jintao, et al.
By Joshua Piker (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2004.
The Rutters also had a good first hire: Bruce Piker, who has 15 years of experience in sign design and production.
I'm not sure Brian did any more to earn that money than certain advertising agencies currently en vogue in Montreal did to earn their fees, although no doubt Brian now looks like a piker in comparison.
On Tuesday, December 17, West Country piker Peter Gregory will be the guest speaker and on Wednesday, January 22, one of the country's foremost predator anglers Neville Fickling will be speaking.
You can't put a value on the constant exposure the school and community receive while the Colts organization is here," says David Piker, executive director of external affairs at RoseHulman.
The air force bombing Belgrade includes planes from NATO member Turkey, whose ethnic cleansing of Kurds makes Milosevic look like a piker.