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"I trust that is not that Pie: the spoons are locked up, however," said Ribby.
But there was nobody there Ribby opened the bottom oven door with some difficulty, and turned the pie. There began to be a pleasing smell of baked mouse!
"It is a very odd thing that Ribby's pie was NOT in the oven when I put mine in!
She peeped again into the BOTTOM oven, the pie had become a lovely brown, and it was steaming hot.
"I wonder if Ribby has taken MY pie out of the oven yet?" said Duchess, "and whatever can have become of the other pie made of mouse?"
"I've brought you some flowers; what a delicious smell of pie!"
the tea-table, so did not see which oven Ribby opened in order to get out the pie.
Ribby set the pie upon the table; there was a very savoury smell.
"I will first cut the pie for you; I am going to have muffin and marmalade," said Ribby.
The pie proved extremely toothsome, and the muffins light and hot.
"I think"--(thought the Duchess to herself)--"I THINK it would be wiser if I helped myself to pie; though Ribby did not seem to notice anything when she was cutting it.
"There was NOTHING in the pie," said Ribby severely.
Maggotty, my dear Ribby: he is a Pie himself, he will certainly understand."
"No; there is no patty-pan, and I put one in; and nobody has eaten pie except me, so I must have swallowed it!"
She opened the door of the TOP oven;--out came a rich steamy flavour of veal and ham, and there stood a fine brown pie,--and through a hole in the top of the pie-crust there was a glimpse of a little tin patty-pan!