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pierce (one's) heart

To impact one on a deep, emotionally meaningful level; to stir a strong emotion in one, especially sadness, pity, etc. When the lights came on, the room was silent, and you could tell the documentary had pierced everyone's heart. It pierced my heart seeing my father's new one-bedroom apartment, with its bare walls and random assortment of appliances and utensils.
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pierce through

To penetrate, perforate, or cut through someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "pierce" and "through." Rays of sunlight pierced through the clouds. The metal beam that had been hurled by the tornado pierced the building clean through. The bullet didn't hit any organs when it pierced through him.
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pierce through something

to poke through something; to penetrate something. He pierced through the meat with a fork and then put it in a spicy marinade. Mary pierced the yarn through with the knitting needles.
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I asked the assistant if we needed to make an appointment and was told we didn't, and was then handed the board of earrings to choose from, whilst the assistant pierced the ears of two other children.
"Abhishek doesn't have a tattoo like his good friends Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt, he's happy with his pierced ears," added the source.
"Yeah, and if you have your tongue pierced you have to stick it out on a table and bang!
He was swigging from a bottle of TCP (antiseptic), and casual as you like, he told me he had his tongue pierced a few days earlier and it had become infected.
He figures he's been pierced himself 30 to 40 times.
And Peter says it's not just the Britney Spears generation who want their bits pierced.
I had my ears pierced when I was very young and remember having terrible ear infections.
All in this group had parental consent to get their ears pierced.
"Another important concern is hygienic maintenance of the pierced oral area.
PUT YOUR FINGER HERE AND SEE MY PIERCINGS "The challenge of the church isn't to denounce those with tattoos and pierced body parts.
Once associated with punk rockers, bikers and prison inmates, body-piercing is now popular with middle-class adults in all occupations, including some doctors like psychiatrist Walter Shervington, who has a pierced ear.
Ironically, though, I am both pierced and tattooed.
Egyptian Pharaohs pierced their navels, Mayans pierced their tongues, and Roman centurions wore nipple rings.
I'M thinking of getting my clitoris pierced. I hear it makes sex more sensitive, but I'm a bit worried it might be dangerous.
He said: ``A lot of ladies don't like going to piercing shops or tattoo parlours to get pierced so this way beauty salons can be trained to pierce safely.''