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pierce (one's) heart

To impact one on a deep, emotionally meaningful level; to stir a strong emotion in one, especially sadness, pity, etc. When the lights came on, the room was silent, and you could tell the documentary had pierced everyone's heart. It pierced my heart seeing my father's new one-bedroom apartment, with its bare walls and random assortment of appliances and utensils.
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pierce through

To penetrate, perforate, or cut through someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "pierce" and "through." Rays of sunlight pierced through the clouds. The metal beam that had been hurled by the tornado pierced the building clean through. The bullet didn't hit any organs when it pierced through him.
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pierce through something

to poke through something; to penetrate something. He pierced through the meat with a fork and then put it in a spicy marinade. Mary pierced the yarn through with the knitting needles.
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I HAD my nipple pierced because some friends were having theirs done,'' said Paul.
CARLY GIBBONS, HAIRDRESSER Carly Gibbons, 21, from Newport is a hairdresser with her navel pierced.
Janet Jackson, Nokio and several other stars have had their chest pierced.
Egyptian pharaohs brandished their royalty by piercing the navel and Roman soldiers showed virility and courage with pierced nipples, according to one writer.
Teens are especially vulnerable to infections and complications because they are most likely to try to perform body modification on themselves and each other because they have to have parental consent to get pierced.
In fact, I see more people in the 60 to 70-year-old age group choosing to be pierced.
This man from Thailand pierced his cheeks for a public celebration last fall.
Should it be legal to get your body pierced before you're 18 years old?
I think you should be able to get pierced, but your parents should have something to say about it.
I don't think it should be legal to get pierced until you're 21 .