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pierce (one's) heart

To impact one on a deep, emotionally meaningful level; to stir a strong emotion in one, especially sadness, pity, etc. When the lights came on, the room was silent, and you could tell the documentary had pierced everyone's heart. It pierced my heart seeing my father's new one-bedroom apartment, with its bare walls and random assortment of appliances and utensils.
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pierce through

To penetrate, perforate, or cut through someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "pierce" and "through." Rays of sunlight pierced through the clouds. The metal beam that had been hurled by the tornado pierced the building clean through. The bullet didn't hit any organs when it pierced through him.
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pierce through something

to poke through something; to penetrate something. He pierced through the meat with a fork and then put it in a spicy marinade. Mary pierced the yarn through with the knitting needles.
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pierce someone's heart

affect someone keenly or deeply.
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Also, though Cook is a felon who is not supposed to carry a gun and denies having had a gun, bullet holes mar a house and two vehicles where Pierce said the gunfight took place.
Al Cormier, chair of the guidance counseling department at Woodstock Academy, says, "Our students value community service, and this program with Pierce Home residents, supervised by administrators and staff, extends the service activities from which our students benefit.
Two months later, after the phone conversations had ended and he assumed he was off the hook, Pierce received notice that a "default judgment" had been entered against him, and that he owed $9,000 in child support.
Partly as a result of his experience with Pierce, Bush started and runs the education-technology business, Ignite
Americans United for Separation of Church and State had more than a passing interest in the case, since AU was the organization that originally blew the whistle on the Church at Pierce Creek.
Pierce did not respond, and a default judgment was entered against him.
Of course, there are always people willing to pierce anyone to make a quick buck.
At the time, company owner William Pierce had built his five-year-old firm into an organization of 40 engineers and designers earning up to $70,000 a year.