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take a long walk on a short pier

To go away and leave one alone because what is being done or said is very irritating. Often used as an imperative. (A less common variant on the phrase "take a walk off a short pier.") A: "The experiment might work better if you actually knew what you were supposed to be mixing together." B: "You know what, Jenny? Why don't you take a long walk on a short pier?"
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take a long walk off a short pier

Go away and leave me alone. What you are doing or saying is really irritating. I'm really tired of your constant criticisms. Why don't you take a long walk off a short pier?
See also: long, off, pier, short, take, walk

Take a long walk off a short pier.

 and Go play in the traffic.
Inf. Get out of here!; Go do something that will get you permanently out of here! Get out of here! Take a long walk off a short pier! You bother me. Go play in the traffic.
See also: long, off, pier, short, take, walk
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Repairs were made but there was a further disaster in 1883 when a stormy sea washed away the pier head and its saloon.
We've been impressed with the reception One Northside Piers has received from homebuyers, and we are pleased to participate in the ongoing development of this site," said Erin Galligan, Vice President of Citi Community Capital.
Pier 1, which has struggled with recent quarterly losses and sales declines, may benefit from a potential private acquisition, as cost-cutting actions like closing stores would be easier to achieve in a private setting, Richardson said.
In 1970 he recalled a meeting with Pier Giorgio fifty years earlier.
Mr Iredale, who lives near Southwold, bought the remains 14 years ago and began building the new pier in 1999.
Because of these additions, Pier 88 will be called `DECOR Expo--Framing & Learning,'" Smith said.
This picturesque wooden pier is also convenient for rail travelers - Amtrak stops at its foot twice a day.
Rambolls involvement with the pier dates back to 2006, and has played a key role in the restoration and regeneration of this historic pier, offering strategic advice to both the Hastings Pier Charity and Hastings Borough Council.
There's not too many Victorian and Edwardian piers in South Wales and Penarth Pier is really becoming a focus for Cardiff as a tourist destination.
In the morning, barriers were erected on the south pier by the Tyne Commissioners and river police placed in charge to prevent the public entering.
Conwy councillors have given the go ahead to demolish the Victoria Pier in Colwyn Bay - which closed in 2008.
The pier was originally 20 feet wide and 500 feet long, but has sustained damage from numerous hurricanes and other severe weather events over the years.
Cromer Pier in Norfolk even offers waves of nostalgia by staging a traditional end of the pier variety show.