pièce de résistance

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the pièce de résistance

1. The most outstanding, remarkable, or prized achievement, accomplishment, aspect, event, etc., in a given series or group. Mr. Reynolds has an impressive gallery, but I'm told that his latest sculpture will be the pièce de résistance.
2. The principal or featured dish in a meal; the entrée. And now for the pièce de résistance—paupiettes of black sole, served with asparagus spears and a rich consommé.
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your/the ˌpièce de réˈsistance

(from French) the most important or impressive part of a group or series of things: I hope you all enjoyed your main course. And now for my pièce de résistance: chocolate gateau!
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pièce de résistance

The most notable or most highly prized feature of a group or series; the star attraction. Originally, from the 1790s or so, this French term always referred to a meal’s greatest delicacy (an appropriate matter of concern to French palates). By the mid-nineteenth century the term had been transferred to other outstanding items, at least in English. Thackeray, in an essay (1840) about art, stated: “To supply the picture lover with the pièces de résistance of the feast.”
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Following on from the company's QV-R4, the R40 boasts the same "shutter release lag" of 0.01 seconds, but its piece de resistance is the 1-second boot-up time.
We simply need to listen to the aspirations of the IMS and, consequently, understand that many IMSs view English language training, not follow-on training, as the piece de resistance. To use another analogy, many IMSs desperately want to learn to fish and we tell them, "Shut up, you ingrate, and eat your fish".
Haze, 2003, the piece de resistance of Donovan's current show, contains nearly two million drinking straws, stacked pointing outward against a wall in such a way as to create a surface of subtle swells and hollows.
Its piece de resistance is the pneumatic platform that can raise a grand piano out of sight, flush into the ceiling.
But the piece de resistance is the dress, expected to upend (you'll forgive the allusion) the record set by the gown worn by Princess Diana to a White House function in 1985 and sold at auction for $222,500 in 1997.
The next negotiating round's piece de resistance will be agriculture.
The piece de resistance here is a very large antique tabernacle from a late 18th century church, all in silver.
The piece de resistance will come at the finale when all 10 tenors will ensemble for a rendition of the timeless classic Nessun Dorma.
Their statement continued: "In every group you were the 'piece de resistance' - the life and soul of the party.
But his piece de resistance was in block capital letters across the forehead.
Nowadays, it's all about getting dressed up and having a good time, with Easter bonnets being the piece de resistance - the more bountiful and beautiful the better!
homes new to propertyScotla nd's build best guide The Christmas dinner table is the piece de resistance and with the meal itself being such a highlight of the day, getting the table settings and decorations looking fabulously festive is key.
And the piece de resistance this season is the chic collection by Parisian label Scandale whose beautiful styles feature luxurious lace and satin in a choice of blossom pink and midnight blue colours.
However, the piece de resistance is undoubtedly the installation of exclusive Pietranera Italian salon furniture including styling chairs and luxury back wash stations all imported from Italy, which was the inspiration for the Italian salon name Capelli.
She uses her fingers provocatively to mix food and eat, but her piece de resistance was putting on sexy secretary specs to read which she probably didn't even need.