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piece of the action

A part of the profits or success from an activity. Once Sarah heard that Mel was starting a new software company, she decided she wanted a piece of the action and asked to be his business partner.
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piece (of the action)

 and bit of the action; slice of the action
Sl. a share in the activity or the profits. (Especially of a business scheme or gambling activity.) If you get in on that real estate deal, I want a piece, too. Deal Tom in. He wants a piece of the action.




1. n. a sexually attractive (young) woman. (Crude.) Who’s that piece I saw you with last night?
2. n. a gun, especially a revolver. (Underworld.) Okay, this gun is aimed at your head. Drop your piece.
3. n. a tiny ponytail worn by males. Even the little boys—six and seven years old—want to wear a piece. Tony pointed out that lots of pirates wore pieces.
4. n. a piece of shit; POS; something worthless. This car is a piece. Couldn’t you gank something better?
References in classic literature ?
I have just come from Persia and have brought with me five hundred gold pieces, and I am anxious to see if they are the proper weight.
She flung herself on her knees to implore mercy, but he cut her in four pieces.
Hansel, who liked the taste of the roof, tore down a great piece of it, and Gretel pushed out the whole of one round window-pane, sat down, and enjoyed herself with it.
She would examine the Lord High Chigglewitz and see which piece of him was next needed, and then hunt around until she found it.
Why, they're made in a good many small pieces," explained the kangaroo; "and whenever any stranger comes near them they have a habit of falling apart and scattering themselves around.
The Russian was very patient, and did not hurry the man, for he knew that he himself was quite safe whether the 1875 piece came out this time or not.
Spider was the first to see the date, and ere any knew what his intention was he raised himself to his feet, and lunged over the side of the boat, to disappear forever into the green depths beneath--the coin had not been the 1875 piece.
Nicholas had read a great many of these scraps, and was absorbed in a circumstantial and melancholy account of the train of events which had led to Miss Snevellicci's spraining her ankle by slipping on a piece of orange-peel flung by a monster in human form, (so the paper said,) upon the stage at Winchester,--when that young lady herself, attired in the coal-scuttle bonnet and walking-dress complete, tripped into the room, with a thousand apologies for having detained him so long after the appointed time.
The original piece is a French one,' said Nicholas.
He struck a most solemn blow upon the piece of wood.
Like the different appearances of the table to a number of simultaneous observers, the different particulars that belong to one physical object are to be collected together by continuity and inherent laws of correlation, not by their supposed causal connection with an unknown assumed existent called a piece of matter, which would be a mere unnecessary metaphysical thing in itself.
All that I could do was to wait till the tide was at the highest, keeping the raft with my oar like an anchor, to hold the side of it fast to the shore, near a flat piece of ground, which I expected the water would flow over; and so it did.
She laughed, and told me I must go out again and try my fortune; it might be that I might meet with another piece of plate.
Having travelled some days, we were met by the King's brother, to whom, by the advice of Chec Furt, whose intent in following us was to squeeze all he could from us; we presented some pieces of Chinese workmanship, such as cases of boxes, a standish, and some earthenware, together with several pieces of painted calico, which were so much more agreeable, that he desired some other pieces instead of our Chinese curiosities; we willingly made the exchange.
Thereupon the Robber put five hundred pieces of gold into the Cadi's hand.