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The entrants had to submit four pies per entry and were also invited to donate pies to be sold throughout the day.
Although some cooks include frozen ice cream pies in the icebox pie category, we prefer to classify them as freezer (or ice cream) pies or frozen desserts - and therefore have skipped including any such recipes here.
Tel: 0121 200 1892 This Grade-II listed Fuller's pub overlooking ''pigeon park'' has a good selection of pies including spiced mutton, black pudding and plum, and smoked fish and Cornish orchards cider.
This cookbook also serves up citrus pies and tarts such as Key Lime Pie and Chocolate Orange Curd Tart.
We believe that the secret to our pork pies lies in the quality of the ingredients and the way in which our expert team of butchers and bakers prepare the product.
She opened a standalone shop, across the street from the Veyo Merc, and has been churning out pies from it ever since.
Their pastry was branded "flat tasting, soft and crumbly" by the panel, who tested mince pies from 12 stores.
The new range of Walkers pies includes three different varieties of two-pie packs; Supreme Steak & Stilton, Sumptuous Steak and Classic Chicken, White Wine & Mushroom (2 x 250g) and a single Glorious Chicken & Chorizo Pie (250g).
Dennis, 80, said: "The Clark's pies bakery is trading under the original name of Clark's Original Pies and I want to let the fans know that it'll be business as usual.
Vince Bowen, pie-maker, said there was an unusual ingredient in the pies to help them stay fresh.
Today, Pi Day (officially March 14) will be celebrated with Table Talk Pies in classrooms across the region.
Ginsters has overhauled its pie range, reducing the size of its individual pies from 250g to 180g and introducing a range of 550g family-sized pies.
mailed one scrumptious product a week Since putting a shingle up on the Web, the bakery now ships more than 100 pies per week ranging in price from $54 to $58.
Instead of trans-laden shortening, Amy's pot pies contain butter and Boston Market's and Stouffer's rely on lard.
I'm bringing along two huckleberry pies to sell--I'm going for the whole quality, not quantity angle.