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piddle around

Fig. to waste time doing little or nothing. Stop piddling around and get busy. I'm not piddling around. I am experimenting.
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piddle something away

Fig. to waste away money or a period of time. Please don't piddle all your money away. Jane piddled away most of the day.
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1. in. to urinate. (Said of children and pets.) Please, Jimmy, don’t piddle on the floor.
2. n. urine. Don’t step in the puppy’s piddle.
3. Go to piddle (around).

piddle (around)

in. to waste time; to work aimlessly or inefficiently. Can’t you get serious and stop piddling?
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Third member of staff summons waiting room nurse whose job it is to clean piddle.
Last night he said: "People think I'm mad, but when they see my Piddle Pedal in action they say it's a great idea.
I understand that retrospective planning permission does need to be granted in cases where people have made a genuine mistake, but in cases like Wyre Piddle and Eckington the travellers made elaborate plans to get round planning policies.
It may be a lot tastier than the gnat's pee produced by the big breweries but I'd still think twice before putting something called Piddle in the Hole in my mouth.
Fret no more - simply strap your misfiring feline into Joybies Piddle Pants.
Lick her plate clean, drink out of the toilet bowl and piddle up her leg.
It is no coincidence that a settlement established in similar circumstances a few miles away at Wyre Piddle is to be the subject of a public inquiry, for gipsy leaders have shown that they are as prepared as any other developer to fight their case at law.
Wyre Piddle Filling Station, in the tiny Worcestershire village of Wyre Piddle, near Pershore, defied all the odds by keeping petrol flowing last week.
SPENDING a penny in the garden first started in the bogs of East Anglia, spread to Looe in Cornwall and is now popular nationwide from Wyre Piddle to Cockfosters.
Meanwhile parish councillors in rural Worcestershire have raised money to pay for independent legal representation at a planning appeal into a travellers site in Wyre Piddle.
We have a lot of odd names like Piddle and Loo so something like this was going to happen one day.
India are playing three matches in the Midlands on their short tour and the first of them will be against a Pershore President's XV at Piddle on Sunday (2pm).
While residents of Wyre Piddle have welcomed a new road bypassing the village, environmental groups have also praised a series of underpasses created during the route's development to ensure otters can establish new homes on the nearby Piddle Brook.
Kathryn Chambers, daughter of Roger and Bridget Chambers of Wyre Piddle, Worcestershire, married Hal Hedley Lewis, son of Mervyn and Tess Hedley Lewis of Swayfield, Lincs.
It's the acidity that burns the grass, so pour a bucket of water over the piddle puddle to dilute it - but you need to act quickly.