picture of health

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picture of health

One who is or looks especially healthy, robust, of full of vitality. My grandmother is nearly 70 and smokes two packs of cigarettes a day, but somehow she's still the picture of health. It's amazing how having a bit of a tan can make someone a picture of health.
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picture of (good) health

in a very healthy condition. The doctor says I am the picture of good health. Each of the children is the picture of health.
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the picture of health


a picture of health

If someone is the picture of health or a picture of health, they look very healthy. He lay propped on pillows, looking the picture of health, his skin tanned, his jaw firm. Today, Ryan Carroll is a picture of health. Note: Other words can be used instead of health to emphasize how someone looks. He was hardly a picture of elegance. Day after day she came and sat with us and looked a picture of misery.
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picture of health, the

A model of well-being. This complimentary description has been around since the late eighteenth century. Jane Austen used it in Emma (1815): “One hears sometimes of a child being ‘the picture of health.’”
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SENIOR Gazette photographer Doug Moody is celebrating after winning the region-wide competition 'Pictures of Health.' Doug will see his image of Teesside livertransplant boy Lennox Nicholson exhibited in the Baltic in Gateshead, before it is displayed at one of four leading North-east hospitals, including James Cook in Middlesbrough.
There were even some entries - largely from medical students - of magnified cells, indubitably pictures of health but perhaps lacking the charm of those featuring humans in their entirety.
But Leah and Gabrielle, now 16 weeks, are pictures of health at home in Grangetown, Sunderland - and Brian and Leigh praised the team from Newcastle's Freeman Hospital by saying: "We're so grateful for all they did.
You have until 9am on Friday to submit your pictures, which must be digital and emailed as jpeg files to 1834@ncl.ac.uk with the subject 'Pictures of Health'.
Pictures of Health is what they're cleverly calling it, and the brief for aspirational photographers is simple - capture your own interpretation of the phrase 'picture of health' and send it in as your entry.
"The Pictures of Health photography competition is intended to celebrate the vitality of life while making us all question the true value of good health.