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We spent an impressive hour in the noble cathedral, where long shafts of tinted light were cleaving through the solemn dimness from the lofty windows and falling on a pillar here, a picture there, and a kneeling worshiper yonder.
Anyway he had seen the picture and if he was not a friend he could tell The Sheik about it and it would be taken away from her.
It must be charming to be able to order pictures at such a rate.
Do you think Mr Sellers will settle down again cheerfully to hack-work when you stop buying his pictures, and he finds out that--that--'
Guppy, looking round, "if I don't think I must have had a dream of that picture, you know
Luke, and it did not look half as old and smoky as some of the pictures by Rubens.
What does it matter if your picture is good or bad?
At his side hung the hunting knife of his unknown father in a sheath self-fashioned in copy of one he had seen among the pictures of his treasure-books.
But Rogojin suddenly stopped underneath the picture.
Few things, I have noticed, come quite up to the pictures of them, in this world.
think that all the universe is straining towards the obscure significance of your pictures.
Often, before I learned, did I wonder whence came the multitudes of pictures that thronged my dreams; for they were pictures the like of which I had never seen in real wake-a-day life.
I had observed that the generous friend and vagabond brother artist, whose lodger I now was, never seemed to be in absolute want of money; and yet the walls of his studio informed me that nobody bought his pictures.
He saw life in pictures, felt life in pictures, generalized life in pictures; and yet he did not understand pictures when seen through other men's eyes and expressed by those men with color and line upon canvas.
Primrose tells of it: "My wife and daughters happening to return a visit to neighbour Flamborough's, found that family had lately got their pictures drawn by a limner, who travelled the country, and took likenesses for fifteen shillings a-head.