a picture of

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the picture of (something)

The ideal example of something (which is listed after "of"). Yes, Jill was in the hospital a few months ago, but she's the picture of health now. We went running together just the other day.
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(very) picture of something

Fig. the perfect example of something; an exact image of something. The young newlyweds were the picture of happiness. My doctor told me that I was the very picture of good health.
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a (or the) picture of —

the embodiment of a specified state or emotion.
1989 Woman's Realm The…little girl looks a picture of health in her blue dungarees and red boots.
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Thus to have Edgar's Dickens character continually inserted into the story, giving us a picture of something which is in the play anyway, over-burdens it more than somewhat and this (without doubt well-written) illustration of the cruelties and squalor of the Victorian period may do better in a play on this troubling subject which Edgar may wish to write at a later date.
But compared to the bigger picture of something like the shelf life of a stadium, all of us are transitory.
Labour has to capture the public's imagination and paint a picture of something better.
Let's paint a picture of something fresh and dynamic that would envision a government which has seen the steelworks close to invest serious money into a transformation that could be a flagship re-invention of a town that appears to be slowly dying.
Mother-of-five Annette Weston, of Pwllheli, then came up with the idea to encourage Facebook users to post a picture of something that represents love to them, using the hashtag #loveandcomfort #cariadachysur and donate PS3 to the cause.
Of course, these reports are estimates, and it's difficult to establish a comprehensive picture of something like this.
If I asked you to do me a picture of something that makes you wild what would it be, a mad dog or an angry crocodile?
Start by tapping on a picture of something you want to cook, to get simple instructions and an ingredients list.
In my opinion it makes a change to see a picture of something so natural that occurs every minute of every day in every country rather than the usual images of incidents of death, violence and abuse.
It also demonstrates that experience with a picture of something can strengthen babies' ideas of an object so they can maintain it after the object disappears, Shinskey added.
DogEar allows you to take a picture of something you want to remember and organize it on your phone in custom folders.
Customers often bring a picture of something they have seen or a particular piece they want integrated into their home.
I longed just once to take a picture of something or someone I deemed truly exciting, and Democrat or not, JFK was my chance.
Take a picture of something, Blitz finds a vendor, and we get to make it.
The week before starting this project, I asked my studio art students to each bring in an object or picture of something that is currently popular in our culture.