picture of health

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picture of (good) health

in a very healthy condition. The doctor says I am the picture of good health. Each of the children is the picture of health.
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References in classic literature ?
Why, I saw her--I think it was a week ago--walking along Canal Street, the picture of health, it seemed to me.
You would think my wife the picture of health if you looked at her, and yet, so delusive are appearances, I am obliged to forbid her all excitement.
Lady Bertram, sunk back in one corner of the sofa, the picture of health, wealth, ease, and tranquillity, was just falling into a gentle doze, while Fanny was getting through the few difficulties of her work for her.
We met and passed many young Indian women, riding by two or three together on the same horse: they, as well as many of the young men, were strikingly handsome, -- their fine ruddy complexions being the picture of health.
Despite suffering health scares in recent years, including heart problems and a bladder infection, the Duke of Edinburgh appeared a picture of health as Canada geese soared above him.
Songs such as See Us There, Both and Picture Of Health were nothing short of magnificent, with frontman Robert Canavan's emotive and very Scottish vocals soaring over the top of the band's brilliantly realised blend of melody and noise.
But all he needs is a wash and a decent night's sleep and he'll be the picture of health.
Gazza looks a clear-eyed picture of health in a photo he posted on Twitter, telling his followers that his friend Runar is a great hairdresser, according to the report.
com/saintmaxmusic Campfires in Winter Picture of Health EP THE Croy fourpiece follow in the wellyprints of The Twilight Sad and Frightened Rabbit.
Violet was a picture of health - but weeks later she was gone 2.
The picture of health was first published in 2003 and describes, in non-technical language, the latest developments in health research in ireland supported by the hrb.
But tiny Cohan stunned everyone es as he e on he is by wiggling his toes as he emerged - and 12 months on he is now a picture of health.
2007 Twins Lucky and Bambi looked the picture of health in Cramlington.
Summary: A report submitted by Moroccan Health Minister al-Hussein al-Ouardi to the parliament painted a bleak picture of health care across the country.
DAWN FRENCH: There's no denying she's always been a sexy lady but 6st lighter, she is looking the picture of health.