picture in

picture (someone or something) in(side) (of) (something)

To create an image in one's mind of someone or something being inside of something else, such as clothes, an enclosed space, a location, etc. Picture these sofas inside our living room—wouldn't they just be perfect? The old advice for public speaking is to picture the audience in their underwear, but I don't think that really helps. Picturing myself inside of an office building for eight hours a day makes my stomach turn.
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picture someone in something

1. to form a mental picture of someone wearing something. I can just picture Tony in that baseball uniform. Can you picture yourself in a dress like this?
2. to form a mental picture of someone inside something or some place. I can just picture you in that car! Can you picture yourself in jail?
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A prominent picture in one such advertisement, obviously released from Mumbai, shows a flight of Jaguars and Sea Harriers flying alongside FA- 18 of the US Navy over what is supposed to be the aircraft carrier, INS Viraat.
Crossing cards, too, once a blurry picture in a laminated sleeve, have gotten updated with microchips containing reams of personal data.