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pick (someone's)

To explore another's ideas through questioning.
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The Packers traded Walker, who had threatened to retire rather than play for the team in 2006, to the Denver Broncos for a second-round pick.
The careers of two other first-round picks, the New York Jets' Chad Pennington and the Minnesota Vikings' Daunte Culpepper, are in jeopardy because of injuries.
Clip's Picks allows moviegoers of all budgets the opportunity to enjoy some of their favorite movie snacks along with the experience of seeing a movie the way it was meant to be seen -- on the big screen," said Phil Singleton, president and chief operating officer of AMC Theatres.
Ducks new general manager Brian Burke has been fielding offers for his pick since arriving Wednesday in Ottawa.
Further details about the January performance reveals that 134 picks gained more than 5%.
A team needier than a teenage girl, and it uses its first-round pick on a player they all admit will make minor impact next season.
We have been using the fundamental picks for over 5 years and they always perform well," McKinley said.
That could be good news for the Clippers because they also have the 32nd pick.
In addition to obtaining detailed, upcoming programming information and schedules for World Picks On Demand, there are also links to the World Picks Networks individual websites for information and the opportunity to contact local distributors to request the in-language programming.
But since the players were swapped and not the picks, the NFL rookie salary pool - which the league allots for each team based on the number and placement of its picks - was calculated as if the Chargers still had the top pick.
But on Monday, the Dodgers took left-handed Missouri schoolboy pitcher Scott Elbert with their first pick, the 17th overall.
Finally, after a long day and night, he was chosen Sunday by the Miami Dolphins with the sixth pick of the fourth round.
Keeping listeners on top of all the action from the Draft, they also interviewed a number of impressive guests, including the top 3 picks of Courtney Brown, LaVar Arrington, and Chris Samuels.
Invaluable Site Will Feature Proprietary, Certified Stock Picks
In choosing our morning picks, we concentrated on finding steady developers with good momentum potential," according to company spokesperson Faye F.