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He advised farmers to begin cotton picking during day time after 10 am after its moisture is evaporated.
Picking should be stopped in case of rain or moisture in cotton flower.
* How much product is available in inventory: If there is not enough in storage to stay ahead of picking demand, product can be sent directly to the pick area after it is received.
Pick and pack, sometimes also referred to as cluster picking, is the ability to pick order items directly into a despatch container (eg cardboard box) which can then be labelled, sealed and despatched after picking to eliminate a separate packing stage.
"In view of our diverse product range, we were looking for a solution with intelligent material flow and well-defined order picking strategies", said John Mailer, warehouse manager at Coop.
You shouldn't just "forbid" the picking, because you can't enforce that rule.
Berlin Orchards has been offering apple picking. Owner Gerard Beirne said the season is a little early.
The Swedish furniture group IKEA supplies its branches Europe-wide with products, characterized by high share of order picking, from Dortmund in Germany.
For example: Instead of picking items into a tote first and then dumping them out on a table, only to be re-packed into a carton, why not pick items directly into the shipping box?
"The beauty of synthetic compost is that you load on the first day, and on the 20th, 21st, or 22nd day you are picking, versus the old method when it was almost three months," Alain adds.
Today players will be able to win a prize by picking and matching just one Lotto Ball in the evening draw.
People who deserve Welsh baseball deserve to know that some people do not agree with what the selectors have done in picking this Welsh side.