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An intensifier used to express one's anger or frustration. Oh, he's just a cotton-picking fool—don't listen to a word he says!


and cotton-pickin’
mod. worthless; damned. (Folksy.) Who is this cotton-picking bigwig pushing us around?


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The drop in piracy has also seen companies who provide armed guards to commercial shipping lines "unexpectedly" declare bankruptcy, Pickin said, a sign that shippers have already started cutting back on added security costs.
Gary Pickin has joined fresh-baked Business and will be working to help organisations transform their business processes through the application of lean and 'six sigma' principles.
The Dulas Arms, Llanddulas The Britannia Band There will also be a pickin session and 'open mike' and will be looking for bands to perform
Arriving in Ladji's household in scene 5, he spits out his truth about Ladji's practice of child trafficking: "People talk say you look pickin sell Marabout Moulaye.
Better known as "pig pickin," this style of barbecue involves laying a whole barbecued hog on a table with diners picking and enjoying its tender meat.
Everi mama and pickin get right say make dem take care of dem well, well and make people helep dem anytime dem need helep.
Yet Colin stayed cool, kept on pickin up the points and ran out winner of our pounds 10,000 first prize.
This fine house, them fields you works so hard in, pickin us a last name - it don't count for nothin.
Dr Chrissie Pickin, executive director of health and wellbeing said: "While it is encouraging that people in Wales are living longer and spending longer in good health, the figures for life expectancy and healthy life expectancy highlight the need for a fresh approach to tackling health inequalities.
Fellow title rivals Maghull and Chester Nomads shared the points following a goalless stalemate and despite a superb hat-trick from Dave Higginson, Capenhurst Villa suffered a 5-4 home defeat to Mossley Hill Athletic who had Abel Mohamed (2), Yusuf Malik, Dom Kelly and Luke Pickin on the mark.
John "Chick" Pickin said: "I never wanted to spoil my conversation in the club with her, but today I don't mind her being in my conversation to enjoy it.
ELVIS made an appearance at Lesley Pickin and Douglas Ryder Cameron's wedding in Gracelands Chapel, Las Vegas.
After some years, including an Edinburgh Fringe run and Germany tour, the company went dark but original members Bob Webb, Mary Pickin and Roger Liddle have now reformed to offer a new version of its old favourite which follows Parson Yorick on his travels through France and Italy as he meets all sorts of lords, ladies and chamber maids.
David and Gail Steedman, Arthur Nichols; Headmistress Mrs Griffiths keeps the boys in order; Graham and Anne Hawkins; Sue Morgan, Jo Treby, Katrina Hudson; Joanna Buckle, Philip Barnsley, Sue and Bob Buckle; Jeremy and Alison McGilvery, Ian and Carol Johnston, Stephanie Nicks; Georgina Pickin, Robert Parsons, Jeanette Massons