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An intensifier used to express one's anger or frustration. Oh, he's just a cotton-picking fool—don't listen to a word he says!


and cotton-pickin’
mod. worthless; damned. (Folksy.) Who is this cotton-picking bigwig pushing us around?


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The drop in piracy has also seen companies who provide armed guards to commercial shipping lines "unexpectedly" declare bankruptcy, Pickin said, a sign that shippers have already started cutting back on added security costs.
Jan Pickin takes a cooking class with Ryan, aged 9 jr171008lyndale-8; HELPING HAND: Teacher Ursula Hamill helps Kieran, aged 10, with his National Cycling Proficiency Test jr171008lyndale-2
ELVIS made an appearance at Lesley Pickin and Douglas Ryder Cameron's wedding in Gracelands Chapel, Las Vegas.
After some years, including an Edinburgh Fringe run and Germany tour, the company went dark but original members Bob Webb, Mary Pickin and Roger Liddle have now reformed to offer a new version of its old favourite which follows Parson Yorick on his travels through France and Italy as he meets all sorts of lords, ladies and chamber maids.
David and Gail Steedman, Arthur Nichols; Headmistress Mrs Griffiths keeps the boys in order; Graham and Anne Hawkins; Sue Morgan, Jo Treby, Katrina Hudson; Joanna Buckle, Philip Barnsley, Sue and Bob Buckle; Jeremy and Alison McGilvery, Ian and Carol Johnston, Stephanie Nicks; Georgina Pickin, Robert Parsons, Jeanette Massons
PC Paul Newman is pictured with Mikael Forssell and PC Katie Pickin.
Carolyn Pickin suggested: "Rather than using the Johari as a stand alone, why not use MBTI with some 1x1 feedback first, followed by a group session, as this could highlight their issues/differences in a non-threatening way?
Combative midfielder Darren Wrack is out with a leg injury picked up in the 1-0 defeat of Hereford at Edgar Street on Saturday, and young stopper Anthony Gerrard and fellow defender Allan Pickin are also ruled out.
John Pickin, after Sheffield had six inches of snow on Wednesday.
He Serg repl hero leadi Cluj t pickin The Edinbu mo thei defeati Hearts hero Paulo Sergio has vowed to replicate his Hampden heroics in Romania by leading new club CFR to Cup glory - after picking up where he left off in Scotland.
Visitors can also eat all the apples they want for free while pickin their favorite varieties.
It has also brought in former Daily Express journalist Jessica Pickin, who will bolster the team's editorial and digital media capability.
I think this will have been around 1962/3, and I can add a few more names to this one: of the eight choirboys in black at the front from the left are: unknown, Michael Henry, Stephen Pickin, John Geoffrey Brown, myself, the two Scott brothers, unknown.