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Someone who is overly inclined to point out or complain about every flaw they come across (in or about something), no matter how small, petty, or insignificant. Sometimes hyphenated or spelled as two separate words. You might write me off as just a nitpicker, but you'll appreciate it when you get an A+ on this paper. This is why I hate going to the movies with nit-pickers like you. Instead of just enjoying what we watch, you have to criticize every little flaw you can think of!


Someone who uses their finger to remove mucus from the nose. I am bound and determined to make sure my kids don't become nose-pickers!


A style of shoe or boot with a long, pointed toe. Especially popular in the 1960s. Sometimes spelled as a single word. I don't know how anyone can wear those winkle-pickers—that toe situation looks pretty uncomfortable to me. Don't you look cute in a mod mini dress and winklepickers!
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Someone who bothers with tiny, trivial, unimportant details, in effect looking for mistakes. “Nit” alludes to the tiny eggs of the louse. The term dates from the mid-1900s.
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'As cotton pickers are illiterate, they receive misleadingly calculated low wages by landlords.
The Litchfield City Council passed an ordinance prohibiting animals at the Litchfield Pickers Market.
Women cotton pickers, under the scorching heat, work in the cotton fields of southern region of Punjab and Sindh to harvest the raw material for T and C production.
He said lives of wrap pickers were facing numerous challenges on different fronts ranging from biological, chemical, agronomic to physical nature, especially accidents on streets.'There is no working without health,' he added.
"The 'Pickers' want to meet characters with remarkable and exceptional items.
According to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Toronto, there are currently no job orders for mushroom pickers in Canada.
The pickers, mostly destitute elderly with no other way to make money, scavenge for and collect trash to resell.
In this application, DHL is using what Adrian Kumar, vice president of solutions design, describes as a swarming approach: Instead of assigning a robot to a picker, associates remain in their area of a pick zone; the robots, meanwhile, are free agents that are directed by the warehouse management system (WMS).
Interviews carried out by the monitors took place in all provinces of the country and included cotton pickers and other groups which are directly or indirectly involved in the harvest such as local authorities, education and medical personnel.
As the cotton gin was to removing seeds from the locks of cotton around 1800, so was the mechanical picker to the gathering of the valuable bolls from the stalks.
The contribution of waste pickers to the local recycling and waste industry is significant according to a 2013 BMI Research report, the informal sector is responsible for recovering most recyclable paper and packaging waste collected--paper (mostly informal), glass (80%), PET (polyethylene terephthalate) (90%), plastics (68%) and metals (30-40%)--and an estimated 51% of new paper and packaging placed in the market in 2013 was recycled, according to Packaging SA.
One of two new sprue pickers from Wittmann is the WP80 with new Net8 controller, which replaces the previous SA7 picker control.
According to organisations working for their cause, in Delhi alone there are close to 50,000 rag pickers. Nationally, their number can be as high as 200,000, out of which 100,000 are children--below 18.
I KNOW that there is a independent councillor organising litter picking in her ward, but did you know that Middlesbrough council also has its own crew of litter pickers? There are 24 employed at this moment on a joint venture between Nordic Pioneering and Middlesbrough Council.