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Someone who is overly inclined to point out or complain about every flaw they come across (in or about something), no matter how small, petty, or insignificant. Sometimes hyphenated or spelled as two separate words. You might write me off as just a nitpicker, but you'll appreciate it when you get an A+ on this paper. This is why I hate going to the movies with nit-pickers like you. Instead of just enjoying what we watch, you have to criticize every little flaw you can think of!


Someone who uses their finger to remove mucus from the nose. I am bound and determined to make sure my kids don't become nose-pickers!


A style of shoe or boot with a long, pointed toe. Especially popular in the 1960s. Sometimes spelled as a single word. I don't know how anyone can wear those winkle-pickers—that toe situation looks pretty uncomfortable to me. Don't you look cute in a mod mini dress and winklepickers!
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n. a person who is hypercritical. Mary is such a nit-picker!
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Someone who bothers with tiny, trivial, unimportant details, in effect looking for mistakes. “Nit” alludes to the tiny eggs of the louse. The term dates from the mid-1900s.
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; Cotton pickers must be registered and all labor related social safety nets must be provided to them with Worker Welfare board.
Challenges include the lack of social readiness and skills of the pickers to be able to transition smoothly into the formal sector, and both municipalities and the waste and recycling industries being nervous to take on some of the associated risks that often come with this community, such as drug abuse.
Experts say that government needs to organise regular camps for rag pickers to make them aware of the health problems they face.
Picker's appetite for more commercial fare met with both success and frustration.
Sable advised waste pickers of Latin American countries to get united first and then exert their demands as waste pickers have done here.
The picker must stop harvesting while unloading, and the operator must judge the capacity remaining in the chamber with the aid of a yield monitor, as well as the yield and row length, to decide when to unload.
The utilization of bar codes ensures that pickers remain anonymous to graders and that quality measurements are objective.
For the conduct of this research, a combination of questionnaire survey and ethnographic interviews was used to elicit information on socioeconomic and demographic characteristics of the waste pickers and dealers.
"While he was strapped in to the cage the cherry picker was titled 45 degrees to maintain the lights.
However, the AIC picker does not perform well, if the signal to noise ratio is low and the arrival is not evident.
The cherry picker is usually kept at a farm in the Vale before it is needed.
A WORKMAN plunged to his death yesterday while he was working on a cherry picker on Merseyside.
That is why the good farmer was sitting by the side of the road, looking sadly out at his orchard and holding his broken picker. Jack walked past without saying a word.
Univeyor's Layer Picker was chosen due to its high capacity (up to 150 layers an hour) and flexible design.