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Someone who uses their finger to remove mucus from the nose. I am bound and determined to make sure my kids don't become nose-pickers!


Someone who is overly inclined to point out or complain about every flaw they come across (in or about something), no matter how small, petty, or insignificant. You might write me off as just a nit-picker, but you'll appreciate it when you get an A+ on this paper. This is why I hate going to the movies with nit-pickers like you. Instead of just enjoying what we watch, you have to criticize every little flaw you can think of!


n. a person who is hypercritical. Mary is such a nit-picker!
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After the producer read "Motherland," a memoir by Fern Schumer Chapman about visiting the German town her mother fled during World War II, Picker says he thought, "You know, I can go hire a writer, but it's not a very expensive book to option at this point.
Pneumatic 2001 FO sprue picker for presses of 150-200 tons is PLC-controlled, handles weights up to 0.
Picker has been a production chief at United Artists, Paramount and Columbia, as well as a successful producer.
It's not unusual for a picker to spend 70% of the time walking and 30% of the time picking.
Easy-to-use controls have digital set timers for precise tinting of picker motion and retain up to 99 mold setups in memory.
Coming in April is software to operate the picker from the press control panel.
has expanded its Order Picker line-up with the introduction of the 7-Series, Electric Narrow Aisle Order Picker.
The voice-recognition software directs the picker to the appropriate pick area where the picker acknowledges their arrival to the workstation.
Yushin's new "G"-type controller with production-data recording and storage of 15 set-ups appears on the new HOPIV sprue picker for machines of 40 to 200 tons.
An entry-level robot, Model UCR150L beam-mounted picker has a 37-in.