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6 : to eat sparingly or in a finicky manner <She picked at her dinner.
pick up 1 : to take hold of and lift <She picked the book up.
414(h)(2), that New Mexico picked up its employees' contributions from 1983 to 1986.
The New Mexico State employee contributions to one of two pension plans from 1983 to 1986, mandatorily picked up by the state as employer contributions with a corresponding reduction in the employees' gross salaries, were contributions made pursuant to a salary reduction agreement.
On Saturday, ``I picked 12 buckets in an hour and a half,'' said the Van Nuys resident, eating an orange wedge.
Claire Penisson and her two daughters, 3-year-old Emily and 8-year-old Megan, half-filled a bag with oranges they picked in 20 minutes.
Concerned there might not be enough cherries for the children to pick this late in the season, Bright had her own kids, ages 12 and 19, and her father pick cherries on Sunday to supplement what the patients picked.
Fortunately, there were plenty of cherries and Bright sent the cherries her family had picked on Sunday back for the hospital staff to enjoy.
Readers again picked Nordstrom, which is famous for its own line of affordable career clothes as well as designer gowns.
At the Tierra Rejada Family Farms in Moorpark this weekend, hundreds of Italians from all parts of Southern California gathered for the first crop of Romas ready to be picked.
Ifeanyi was picked in the second round last year - the 49ers had traded away their 1996 first-round pick to Cleveland (now Baltimore) as part of the deal to obtain UCLA's J.
It's just good to hear that I was picked by somebody,'' said Koy Detmer, picked by the Eagles in the seventh round, with the 207th pick overall.
Other Trojans figuring to get picked after Keneley are tight end John Allred, considered the ninth-best tight end, and quarterback Brad Otton, rated as the fifth-best quarterback.