pick/choose your moment

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pick (one's) moment

To thoughtfully and prudently decide the best moment to act. Sometimes used ironically to suggest the opposite. I suggest picking your moment before you ask the boss for a raise. Wow, she broke up with him on his birthday? She really knows how to pick her moment.
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pick/choose your ˈmoment

carefully choose the right time to do something: I wanted to make sure she agreed, so I picked my moment, when she was in a good mood. ♢ (ironic) You told her you wanted a divorce two days after her operation! You really picked your moment, didn’t you?
See also: choose, moment, pick
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I'm all for a bit of knockabout stuff with the media before a game but you need to pick your moment and your game - and I don't think this is it.
Opportunity Knocks OPPORTUNITY only knocks, once they say But you can give it a helping hand Just think of what you would like to do It can be something really grand Then you must pick your moment Timing is everything Don't just sit there dreaming To see what luck can bring Don't wait for it to come to you Don't think that it can Reach out and make it happen Then grab it while you can.
Pick your moment You will need to wait until after the first frost before harvesting sloes.
Pick your moment wisely and choose where you have a chat so that you get some privacy.
Pick your moment Aries, without good timing your heart-felt words are lost.
It was the same again on the other side to catch a bus into town if you did not pick your moment exactly right.
Pick your moment, sit him down and let him know what's been going on.
So pick your moment and tell her what you saw - then leave them to sort out the mess.
Watching him made me realise that you have got to be patient and make sure you pick your moment, but I''m growing in confidence with every fight.
Pick your moment - tuition fees, the Millennium Dome or the Iraq war - but in the end nearly everyone who invested their hopes in Mr Blair ended up disillusioned.
I just think you have to pick your moment as well as making sure you've got support in place if it all goes wrong.
Talking about sex isn't easy, so it's important you pick your moment.
IF you want your boss to do something for you, pick your moment and words carefully.
It's just PICK your bowlers, PICK your moments and hope it comes off in your favour.