pick way through

pick (one's) way through

1. To choose a very particular path that carefully and slowly navigates through a space and around a variety of people or things in one's way. You'll have to pick your way through the briar patch to avoid getting scratched. I get claustrophobia when I'm surrounded by people on all sides, so I always have to pick my way through a crowded room.
2. To stay engaged in a task continuously and with meticulous attention or focus. Often used when the task is long-term or plodding. We're picking our way through the set of problems the math teachers assigned. I'll have to pick my way through the auditor's report, so it will take me some time to get back to you about it.
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pick one's way through something

 and make one's way through something 
1. to move along a route full of obstacles; to travel, usually on foot, through an area of heavy vegetation or through a crowd of people or things. When the grandchildren visit, I have to pick my way through the toys on the floor. We slowly picked our way through the thorny bushes to get to the ripe raspberries.
2. to work slowly and meticulously through something. My teacher said he couldn't even pick his way through my report. It was just too confusing. I spent an hour picking my way through the state tax forms.
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