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We will know which ones pick their nose, which put their hand down their strides as they stagger to the toilet first thing in the morning, which are lazy, which are ugly and which are likely to be subjected to vicious street attacks on account of their awfulness.
The YouGov survey - which saw more than 10,000 British motorists take part - revealed that many motorists, besides talking and singing, even pick their nose when behind the wheel, particularly Welsh drivers.
Other qualities include being smart, good cook, always happy, not having a weird surname, refraining from kissing on the first date and must not pick their nose.
Why are they such gormless, under-achieving inadequates who can't pick their nose without asking for directions?
Washington, May 20 ( ANI ): Sandra Bullock told grad students to not pick their noses while giving a speech to graduate students of the Warren Easton Charter High School's commencement ceremony.
THE car is a place where Welsh drivers sing, talk to themselves, pick their noses - and even give their partners the boot, according to a survey published this morning.
Children get nosebleeds a lot as they pick their noses and are likely to rupture vessels.
Guys, get a clue - real movie producers don't pick their noses while weaving down Laurel Canyon.
THE enjoyable Teen Species (BBC1, Wednesday) told how adolescent boys stink, pick their noses, have constant wet dreams and like fighting.
Funnies offers a glimpse into the lives of some disturbing characters; for example, the guys with what looks to be encephalitis who pick their noses, eat squid, wet their pants, and spit on their friends.
They nag, they smoke, they pick their noses and they distract you from football on the telly.
Mayor Carni said: "Some councillors pick their noses, some doodle - but that doesn't stop them doing their public duty.
He ordered the audience not to pick their noses during the taping (lest they be immortalized on the show with a nostril-obscured digit).
Children happily pick their noses but they stop under pressure from a society which brands it disgusting and anti-social.
A lot of people do pick their noses - I'm not going to mention a friend of mine who picks his nose while driving.