pick out of

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pick (someone or something) out of (something)

1. To lift up and remove someone or something from some thing, place, or situation. I reached down and picked up my daughter out of the group of toddlers running around the living room. I used to pick every little piece of onion out of every meal I ate as a kid.
2. To select a person or thing out of a larger group or range. You can pick one puppy out of the litter to take home. We're having a hard time picking a finalist out of the pool of applicants.
3. To identify someone or something out of a similar group of people or things. Typically used in negative constructions. The police asked me to try to identify the assailant out of a line up. The inexpensive computer runs so well that you couldn't pick it out of a selection of high-end PCs.
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pick someone or something out of something

 and pick someone or something out 
1. to lift or pull someone or something out of something. The mother picked her child out of the fray and took him home. I picked out the mushrooms before eating the soup.
2. to select someone or something out of an offering of selections. I picked Jerry out of all the boys in the class. I picked out Jerry.
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