pick somebody's pocket

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pick (one's) pocket

1. To steal money or other valuables out of one's pocket, purse, backpack, etc. You have to be very mindful of your belongings in this city, as someone will pick your pocket the moment you aren't paying attention. My phone is missing! Someone must have picked my pocket!
2. To steal money from one through deception or exploitation. I feel like every time I go to get my car fixed, they pick my pocket just because I don't know anything about cars. Tired of having your bank pick your pocket with hidden fees? Try us and see the difference.
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pick somebody’s ˈpocket

steal money or other things from somebody’s pocket without them realizing: I can’t find my wallet. I think somebody’s picked my pocket!If she’s not careful she’ll get her pocket picked. ▶ ˈpickpocket noun a person who picks pockets: Be careful of pickpockets when you’re on the underground in London.
See also: pick, pocket
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